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    Yes, if you’re asking such questions, I sense (forgive me if I’m wrong) that you’re on the wrong path: and may be not the most appropriate ‘fit’ for a profession that is more than about pretty pictures and images. LA is the most visionary, holistic and ‘Earth-loving’ of professions. It is relatively young in term of human civilizations compared to engineering and architecture (contamination in recent decades by ‘Star Architects’ and ego-centrism. I believe that LA is uniquely placed to lead and contribute solving to the many socio-ecological-economic crises+problems of our time. LA is expanding but sadly not as politically supported or as a priority in many societies and states (USA, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, NZ, NL, Germany and UK are exemptions), including, surprisingly some modern EU states such as Ireland. 

    So reflect carefully as to your motives, educate and read about the profession, before taking the plunge.With the appropriate frame of mind,it might prove to be a rewarding and challenging endeavor that goes beyond mere notions of ‘career’ to embrace Servant Leadership+Earth Stewardship and Blue-Green Infrastructure.   Best wishes for the future,

    Aidan J. ffrench MILI, Past President, Irish Landscape Institute (Dublin),

    EFLA Policy Workgroup,  Brussels, BLG (2008-2010), Irish Urban Forum (2005-2009)


    I’m writing from Ireland, Europe where there’s growing concerns at the impacts on landscape architects – especially recent graduates and this year’s graduates. I’m developing a proposal for bi-lateral agreements between national landscape associations and institutes. This would see governments and agencies embacing and supporting professional bodies as they strive to retain and create jobs. It would faciliate graduate exchange across the planet, as we emerge from global economic recession, directing the talents of our exciting profession to areas of need; through job seeker internships and tax breaks for practices.. A letter is winding its way to A.S.L.A and the White House. I.F.L.A has been invited to support the initiative.
    I sense this may not have any direct relevance to you; but wish to assure you that we in Ireland, having welcome many foreign landscape architects to our shores during the recent ecnomic boom, are mindful of maintaing intenational dialgoue and preventing any move toward nationalistic protectionism. The proposal is in its infancy – so watch this space!

    Best Wishes,
    Aidan J. ffrench MILI
    Past President, The Irish Landscape Institute
    Member, EFLA European Landscape Policy Committee

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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