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    Each time I take it, I think, “I just need to go home and focus more on ( fill in the blank)”.  Then I come back, and little I focused on is on there and something I never saw before in all my life is on there.  That’s pretty bad when you own over 50-80 vignettes, a shelf of books,  numerous electronic feeds and have practiced them every day for a year with knowledgeable professionals at workshops, study sessions and one-on-one.  Say what you will, but no matter how competent I get, it’s not enough.
     The good news is, I love throwing my money away.  It’s fun!  
    Seriously, though.  I have a suggestion for CLARB, if anyone cares.  I think CLARB should allow for one vignette to be tossed so that a person who shows themself to possess all of the competancies tested, will not be penalized for a gap in exposure to some grading situations.  For example: the Floridian might opt to drop the Sierra Madre Mountail Lodge vignette.  Just a thought.

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