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    The 54th Edward C. Martin, Jr. Landscape Design Symposium
    October 21, 2009 9 a.m. – 12 noon
    Inside/out takes a look at the total living environment, from inside to outside. The places in which we live are more than a collection of artifacts that are tastefully arranged, it is instead an expression of who and what we are. Join us for a morning discussion of green design and how it can positively influence our daily environments inside/out.
    8:30 — Registration and coffee
    9:00 — Welcome and Introductions
    9:15 — Flowers al Fresco, Jim DelPrince
    Those that truly enjoy life engage all senses. Elegant dining, a most sensual experience, is greatly enhanced by thoughtful floral design. Dining table themes will be presented and explored, providing you with ideas, techniques and inspiration.
    10:00 —Personalizing Your Private Garden, Bob Brzuszek
    Gardens are spots where we can create wonderful little places to enjoy with family and friends, to grow our favorite plants, and most of all to have a little fun. Join Bob on a visual odyssey of great little gardens that he has visited that show that a little creativity and a few well placed inexpensive materials can transform the bleakest of landscapes into personal pleasure escapes.
    10:50 — Coffee break
    11:10 — Back to the Garden, Gail Barton
    After 26 years of teaching Horticulture, Gail recently retired and went home to her 6 acre Meridian garden. Join her on a stroll through the garden’s best seasonal vignettes. The tour will make frequent pauses at Gail’s favorite lounging spots which are populated with sustainable yard flowers, native plants and happy dogs who never could figure out why she took on a job in the first place.
    12:00 — Adjourn

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