• Bob Luther posted an update in the group Group logo of Digital assets and resourcesDigital assets and resources 12 years, 7 months ago

    Land F/X is a great tool if you are going to do a concept to working drawings set and are looking for real world ability to create and modify a great set of plans, it is functional within Autocad and now BricsCad ( a cheeper version of ACAD, which looks very powerful for the price), and LandF/X functions with SketchUp (which is not a TOY as stated earlier). SketchUp is often overlooked for design but with the ability to inmport and export to DWG/DWF formats it is quite productive in design development, I have also had a good bit of luck with contours and landscape surface work with autocad and sketchUp in combination. The question is what are you trying to accomplish artwork, concepts, or working drawings, the solution changes for eachof these end products.

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