• Per your request Ray, I am submitting this for anyone that needs help or hope to pass this monster we call LARE….

    As far as what advice to give you….where do i start….I know everyone has different study habits and ways of learning and understanding information….For me, the biggest help was having real life experience and mentors(Jerry Hastings and Ray Freemans classes) to be able to show me what to do….

    I learn so well from seeing how others study and how they approach the test….From there then it comes down to repetition of doing vignette after vignette…..

    Here is the key that I think pushed me over the edge……I wish I would have figured this out and applied many test attempts ago…..It is this: Identify what you are doing wrong and work on that!!!! For me I finally identified that I needed to pay more attention to the wording and instructions given….I know how to grade just about anything…but following directions and not missing little things was my downfall…time and time again….and I will attest that this is CLARB’S biggest weakness….They do not give enough attention to helping us(candidates) identify our problem areas so we can make corrections…..I did multiple redline reviews….where they would not allow even a pencil for me to take notes with to help identify where I was going wrong….SOOOO FRUSTRATING!

    So for me, it came down to spending most of my time evaluating where my weaknesses were and finding vignettes that would strengthen those weaknesses….That is what I did the last two times and ultimately what I would attribute to my success this time!

    DON’T GIVE UP! THIS TEST DOES DETERMINE HOW SMART YOU ARE SO DON’T EVEN THINK FOR A SECOND THAT YOUR AREN’T SMART OR YOU CAN’T DO THIS….YOU CAN AND WILL! I have learned such a great lesson about persistance and continuing on past all the failure til you achieve your goal…and that goal is to be licensed….Take each time and learn what you can from it….Having gone through this process so many times has definitely strengthened my ability to grade and overcome adversity….

    I hope this will help you….I am always available if you need any other help….Just keep plugging away and you will get it! If you haven’t taken Ray Freemans class…I would suggest you do so….he taught me a different and more thorough approach to grading and beating this monster than Jerry Hastings (not taking anything away from his great course as well) It was just a better fit for helping me pass the beast….

    Please note that Ray or Jerry are not paying me anything to plug their classes….but I do still recommend them to anyone….Thanks guys….

    Sorry for such a write up….

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