Daniel Braswell

  • Thanks for the advice!  That does make a lot of sense.  I will try a different, more focused job description.  Any advice on cover letter content? This seems to be one place many people get hung up on.  Do employers really read the cover letter, or do they simply skim over it and focus more on the resume and portfolio?

  • Thanks for the advice!  I am open to relocating, but the response I have received the most from out-of-state firms is, “we only are considering local candidates at this time”.  So I really pick and choose which out-of-state jobs to apply for.  Relocating out of the country, unless its Canada, is not an option for me. I will definitely look more in…[Read more]

  • I have been building a network through fellow alumni and coworkers.  I have not had much success networking through social media, only searching for open positions.  
    I always try to send a follow up email asking how I could improve, but as to date only one firm actually replied back (they chose another person due to more relative experience).  …[Read more]

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