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    From the article: “It’s impossible for these lawns to be net greenhouse gas sinks because too much fuel is used to maintain them,” Townsend-Small concluded.

    So what’s the solution? That’s what I want to know. Should we eliminate athletic fields and play completely? What then shall we do with those that have no place to play and engage in athletic endeavors? Should we eliminate natural turf in favor of synthetic (read: man made with man made chemicals) turf and all the problems associated with synthetic turf maintenance? Where does this silly notion ever end? Maybe we should find better and more energy efficient methods of maintaining a perfectly natural solutions to greenhouse gasses [sic].

    I noticed that the referenced ‘study’ made no mention of the cooling effects of the natural turf on not only the immediate micro-environment of the parks studied but the overall cooling effects on the community as a whole.

    Another thing I’d also like to know is how those researchers got to the fields in Irvine to do their tests and research. Did they walk? Take public transportation? Car pool? Drive an eco-friendly car? Did they study the amount of ‘greenhouse gasses’ [sic] they produced in the manufacturing of this study? Bet they didn’t.

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