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  • Since its founding in 1858, Denver, Colo. has been a city marked by periods of rapid growth and expansion. During once such period in the late 1800s, over three square miles of land to the northeast of downtown […]

    • Excellent article and impressive project! It’s great to know there are outstanding LA firms out there who have the experience and talent to take on environmental projects like this one in Denver. I’d be curious to know……what “Design Workshop” feels about the recently introduced “New Green Deal” concept for America?

      J. Robert (Bob) Wainner

    • P.S……But, as beautiful as many parts of the State of Colorado are……I plan to avoid that State! Just read where at “Colorado State University” located in the Denver area, will no longer allow words like “America, American or signs with similar words on their campus”…..unbelievable. OK, then you have the fact that Colorado was I believed the 1st State to legalize marijuana…guess the politicians are looking for more “tax dollars”…maybe they can use some of that tax revenue for the project in this article? IMO, Colorado has a LOT of problems, but, Colorado’s environment is really not one of them. Growing up, I loved visiting Colorado…even went on my honeymoon in Aspen, Colorado. I won’t be going back.

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