• Eric Gilbey posted an update in the group Group logo of Digital assets and resourcesDigital assets and resources 12 years, 10 months ago

    After using AutoCAD for about 12 years of drafting, and then switching over to Vectorworks Landmark, I would say without hesitation that the advantages of working in Vectorworks over AutoCAD are immense. The only reason why I had been using the “industry standard” is because I didn’t seek anything better. Many take their work out of AutoCAD to do 3D easier, or to illustrate their plans or presentation drawings, or utilize another program because they have need of GIS. In Vectorworks, this absolutely is not necessary. You can “draft” in Vectorworks, if that is all you want to do, but for those who want to design, and test their ideas out in 3D, in an environment that allows you you easily create 2D and 3D at the same time (directly related), and illustrate it while you work, and create a site model that can calculate cut/fill, and work with shapefiles and world referenced image files, and do animated walkthroughs, as well as schedules and reports, including budgeting….you really have to take a look at Vectorworks Landmark. Lastly, if you need to work import and/or export DWG or DXF files, Vectorworks does it well, and the data that DWG and DXF files is not lost.

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