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    Carlos, glad to have you here with this group, welcome. I really enjoy every towns plaza, they are unique to the citys history and uses. I enjoy sitting and people watching, see how they use the spaces. El Yunque (the rainforest) is great for a natural landscape. Various waterfalls, trail systems, some structures, views etc. Also would recommend:…[Read more]

  • One of my favorite trees is the Pinus aristata – Bristlecone Pine. This tree has many qualitys and charactoristics with time/age being its prime factor. Also I am from the Sierra Nevada so it is home for me when I see one.

  • I joined this network because of 1. Andrew and 2. the integrity of the Lounge.

    -I was fortunate enough to meet Andrew in school and was impressed. He is a creative kid and has success written all over. You’d be a fool not to follow.
    -What he has been able to do for the e-community of LAs in such a short amount of time is nothing shy of a…[Read more]

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    For me great design is:
    1. Creating memory places
    2. Creating a sense of place (genus loci)
    3. Guardian of identity
    4. Interest of users health, safety and welfare
    What Mack mentioned is true for me as one who has had the experience on both sides, as the one to experience and admire and the one to create

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    Brandon, What are your favorite media (type of paper, markers, pencils etc.) and why?

  • What are some of your favorite church sites? why?

  • Landon
    I agree with you. The grounds are always nice and impressive however (from pictures I have seen) it looks like they lack cultural flavor. I think the grounds should be unique to the region/country reflect the culture more, become a gaurdian of identity. Much like they do with the architecture. I hope to do some temple design as well. I…[Read more]

  • Tim
    I will be emailing you some images, mostly sketches are a variety of projects. If you find you are lacking anything as you compile your book let me know. I have many more illustrations, sketches etc. My email i will be using to send the files is, that way you can check a junk email folder just in case. Thanks

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