Arquitectos Boricua

  • Para que sepan….
    Yo encontre un hombre en PR quien hace arte de madera. Es increible y muy bella la arte. Puede encontrar el website aqui

    Yo compre una conga con la bandera al lado.

  • Un sitio favorito mio es la playa de Naguabo. Por chance mi esposa y o pasamos por Naguabo al regresar a Fajardo. I wish I spent more time there but I didn’t as it was a vacation and not so much an opportunity to study spaces. My wife would have drown me en el mar if we stopped so I could sketch and study. Naguabo isn’t so much my favorite place…[Read more]

  • Antigonum
    Thanks for your observations. Me lamento que yo no pasara por Guanica cuando yo estaba en PR. Mucha gente me decian buenas cosas de Guanica. What type of tree is the purple flowering one that looks like a flamboyan? I only saw two the time I lived there. How come?

  • Educando a los no-educados:

    El pasado martes, mientras le daba una ayuda a una joven estudiante de arquitectura paisajista en su proyecto de Tesis, me comentó sobre este Blog discutía sobre “Pendejismo paisajista”. Luego de finalizada la crítica, mientras trabajaba en varias propuestas decidí revisarlo. Hubo varias cosas que me llamaron la aten…[Read more]

  • Carlos
    Thanks for the update and news flash! Felicidades to the graduates and thank you for being pioneers for PR and the caribe. I hope that pioneering spirit stays with you in your profession!

  • Por fin regreso a la isla del encanto! In June I finally get to return to Puerto Rico. ASLA in PR would be fantastic!

  • PR – Lo hace mejor!! Just came across this group… I agree that Puerto Rico would be a great place for the ASLA annual meeting. Honeymooned in in PR in 2004…we loved it! Even better than Maui (much better food!) Vieques Island is magical – we kayaked in a bioluminescent bay –just amazing; El Yunque is gorgeous and wild – we stayed in an…[Read more]

  • Grabriel

    El Yunque was my favorite place. I wanted to visit the forest at night but I ran out of time. Nearby, El Conquistador Hotel had an amazing view to the Atlantic ocean. (I cannot describe it in words). I also stopped by the florescent bay in Boqueron. I have never seen microorganisms glow at night!

    There was an interesting landscape…[Read more]

  • Carlos,
    How was your trip to PR? Would like to hear some observations and experiences as well as as see some photos if you have some to share.

  • Keep an ear out for the Coqui, too!

  • Carlos, glad to have you here with this group, welcome. I really enjoy every towns plaza, they are unique to the citys history and uses. I enjoy sitting and people watching, see how they use the spaces. El Yunque (the rainforest) is great for a natural landscape. Various waterfalls, trail systems, some structures, views etc. Also would recommend:…[Read more]

  • I plan to visit Puerto Rico next week. Do you know of any particular landscape architectural projects to visit?

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