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  • No – Just volunteering my skills and gaining experience as much as I can since I graduated (MLA) back in May of 2009. By June of 2010, I plan to wait tables and/or serve coffee. Savings are gone!…starting from zero at my late 30s.

  • Grabriel

    El Yunque was my favorite place. I wanted to visit the forest at night but I ran out of time. Nearby, El Conquistador Hotel had an amazing view to the Atlantic ocean. (I cannot describe it in words). I also stopped by the florescent bay in Boqueron. I have never seen microorganisms glow at night!

    There was an interesting landscape…[Read more]

  • Carlos Principe posted an update in the group Group logo of Arquitectos BoricuaArquitectos Boricua 11 years ago

    I plan to visit Puerto Rico next week. Do you know of any particular landscape architectural projects to visit?

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    I joined this network because I wanted to get exposure to something a bit more real than design theory or academics before finishing a MLA and entering the real world. I have also discovered a disconnection between local l.a. professional practitioners and graduate students. Land8lounge has been a good place to…[Read more]

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