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    The legal petition from ASLA and the formal response from UT definitely tell two different sides of the story.  Regardless of which side you fall, we should all agree that litigation is not good for SITES or the profession as a whole.  SITES v2 and the reference guide are scheduled to be released in the next couple months and projects will finally be able to enter open certification.  This lawsuit places SITES in a negative light at a time when we should be celebrating.  SITES staff and ASLA have worked diligently to get the USGBC on board.  Before the lawsuit, SITES was close to signing an agreement with the USGBC and GBCI to administer the professional development credentialing program and certification process.  Due to this nonsense, the partnership has been put on hold.  The lawsuit is not a good use of funds. ASLA will most likely spend more money on litigation than was ever spent on the development of SITES.  Does that make sense?!?  Do we want to give the future of our profession to the lawyers?  It is not cheap to sue the State of Texas or anyone else for that matter.

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