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    Anyone still studying to pass under LEED 2.2:
    There are 2 resources that I used to study that I think were critical to success, I think these have been mentioned before but If you’re on the fence about what resources to spend your money on here’s what I think are the two best values:

    I have to throw my support behind’s LEED AP Walkthrough, I found it to be a very helpful study tool, you can use the website to get the same information but you’re already dishing out $300+ to take the test, spend your time studying not organizing information.

    Also, has some really, really, really good practice exams. There are 5 or 6 question pools of 80 questions each. It gives you the option of seeing the correct answers/explanations after you answer each question, only after you get an answer wrong, or at the end of the practice exam and then gives you a score very similar to the actual exam.

    Good Luck Everybody!

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