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  • Emily,
    I have a client here in San Diego (Rancho Bernardo) who is rebuilding their home that burned in the 07 fires. They want to irrigate 2 level areas on the property with a grey water leachfields. I did some research and the state of California has guidelines as part of the California Plumbing Code (CPC). Here is the link http://www.documents.dg…[Read more]

  • Here are some other resources. las pilitas nursery. 2 locations. North San Diego county (Escondido) & San Luis Obispo. website is deep with info. Another is “California Native Plants for the Garden” by Carol Bornstein, Bart O’brien & David Fross. Cachuma Press. David Fross was my Cal Natives Professor at Cal Poly, SLO. Lots of…[Read more]

  • Catherine,
    I attended a seminar given by a Dr. Bob Gerheart a couple of years ago. He is a well respected scientist here in california that specializes in Bi-filtration. Look up his name and see what comes up. Good luck.

  • Jeremy Sison posted an update in the group Group logo of California Native PlantsCalifornia Native Plants 11 years ago

    June Scott,
    About Riparian Restoration. Army corp of Engineers are the gov agency that oversees most of these projects. Cal Fish and Game get involved as well. I’d check those 2 agencies. I used to work for Dudek & Associates Habitat Restoration division. check thier website as well. some other restoration offices include Recon, Habitat West &…[Read more]

  • The the streets on the island of Bali in Indonesia are rather amazing. A contradicting yet some how functional mosaic of temples (Balinese Hindu), tacky souviner shops, bars, resturants, massage parlors, internet cafes, etc. all spilling into a 20 ft wide alley (street) that is already full of taxis, motorbikes, donkey carts and peds.…[Read more]

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