Jon Altschuld

  • just FYI, I recently found out EaglePoint LandCADD does not support AutoCAD 2009 yet….sadly this means I can only use EaglePoint on my old computer now-my new computer is 64-bit in order to support/use some of its components, meaning I have to use AutoCAD 2009.

    EaglePoint says they are planning on making it compatible, but have no time frame….

  • my company uses RainCAD, im not the primary irrigation designer and Im not a big fan of it because when you export to CAD it has some difficulties….Look into the EaglePoint products-I use it for landscape design and irrigation design, but they also have software for everything from site analysis to traffic intersection design. EaglePoint…[Read more]

  • It sounds like youre getting the jist of it….I havent used Vue or Rhino at all so I cant speak for those. For Vray, I know it has become a very popular product, but whenever I try to use it on more complex models, it freezes up the whole computer-not sure if Im doing something wrong or not. It certainly isnt my computer, it should have more than…[Read more]

  • Sorry the last file didnt upload-its a pdf so ill just attach it.

  • Christian,

    Sketchup is a very good program because it is easy to learn and can be used to create 3D models quickly. However, the end results are usually somewhat unrealistic and sometimes almost cartoonish. Hence the use of Adobe suite with sketchup, but you still often get renderings that look a little mismatched (plants dont quite match the…[Read more]

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