• Hey, I’m glad this is an active niche.

    I know about restoration and land management, I’ve been searching that niche for a bit.
    But I guess it really depends on the geographical area. For example, I see a lot of jobs in Australia for contaminated land restoration and stuff like that.

    But I’m pretty optimist at the moment, the programme I plan to…[Read more]

  • ​Hi,

    I am wondering if you can do rendering on a Macbook laptop.

    I am about to start a master in LA and I need to chance my old macbook notebook and I’m not sure if I should by a newer version or invest in a PC.

    A laptop is more versatile, can help me do work on the go, but is it good enough for using software such as AutoCAD, SektchUp, R…[Read more]

  • Hi people,

    I am contemplating starting a Masters in Landscape Planning and switching my career into this direction. I am now a biologist/ecologist, but am a bit disillusioned with my industry, and I’ve gotten to the painful conclusion that I do not like research, thus not many opportunities present to me.

    I have though been fond of architecture…[Read more]

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