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    Hey Page:
    You need to really get a clue here. It appears your somewhat disconnected from the true reality of the marketplace. Let me be specific, in case you can’t be.
    There is massive unemployment in the design professions and thast has been pervasive going on nearly three years. You are offering a “sure-fire” or “near-fire” portfolio and resume revamping online class for a mere $500 clams and then some ?
    Earth to Page: Very few of us right now, have that kind of spare change around to expend on an online course with questionable content and outcomes.
    To those that want to save this tidy sum, let me suggest the following far more economical ways to do that.
    Go to the demonoid website. If your fortunate to be able to register and get in, here is what you will get and be able to download for virtually free, a very good price.

    • WordPress tutorials on how to create your own website. There are many of those.
    • -how to create your own online design portfolio.
    • Flash and Flash Catalyst,- programs and tutorials on how to create your own website, utilizing Flash, and create an impressive and powerful presentation.

    Let be frank and clear here. I have downloaded all this stuff, and used none of it, to my betterment and advancement so far. What I find a little hard to allow to happen here, is the promotion of an online course of questionable value, use and short or intermediate term benefit, for a borderline ridiculous price.
    Page: Like the Lin family before you, quit using Land8Lounge to promote yourself here. While that is completely allowable,  IMHOrin, it cheapens this forum and calls into question what principles (if any) it was established on.
    Think my comments over and through before you blast off an inflammatory response like my own here

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