• Matthew Carlton posted an update in the group Group logo of Design ImplementationDesign Implementation 15 years, 3 months ago

    As someone who spent years as a contractor before going back to school, i can tell you that often the person you deal with in the office, or the supervisor, isn’t always going to be on site when the plan implementation starts. The few LARs that I worked with back home, made it a point to make sure that all plans were easy to read/understand, or in one case would provide a set specifically for the contractor that avoided any use of scientific names so there would be no misunderstanding what so ever.

    It helped that I was a one stop shop so to speak, did it all, rather than having to sub different parts out. I notice that a lot, you can tell, at least in my eyes when one contractor is hired, and then everything is subbed out and I can see where the problems happened.

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