• MJ Martin posted an update in the group Group logo of California Native PlantsCalifornia Native Plants 12 years, 10 months ago

    Two years after clearing the invasives in my part of the creekbed in my backyard – you know, plants like Arundo and Tamarisk (how did that get there?) and Washingtonia palms (we all know how that got there) – the birds were kind enough to plant 3 Quercus agrifolia and a Toyon that is now about 12′ high. None of these are requiring additional water even though the creekbed has been so dry these past years. Seems like when you get rid of the invasive non-natives, somehow things will work out alright. And I can’t begin to tell you about the new (to me) birds that are coming into my garden now! Thanks to all of you pioneers for pushing us designers toward renewing such beautiful and satisfying spaces.

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