MJ Martin

  • Hi all.  I’m working on a planting plan for a steep slope in an area that has plenty of DG (East San Diego) and need to add a burgundy color to the palette.  All of the other plants are xeric.  I’m hoping to find something that someone doesn’t need to prune (due to the steepness) but that will add color even if it’s deciduous. I’m using Ma…[Read more]

  • Two years after clearing the invasives in my part of the creekbed in my backyard – you know, plants like Arundo and Tamarisk (how did that get there?) and Washingtonia palms (we all know how that got there) – the birds were kind enough to plant 3 Quercus agrifolia and a Toyon that is now about 12′ high. None of these are requiring additional water…[Read more]

  • I’m a residential Landscape Designer in San Diego’s East County. Has anyone mentioned Tree of Life Nursery in San Juan Capistrano? They have a nice newsletter as well you can subscribe to.
    I like to incorporate garden-friendly california natives in my designs.

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