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Data + Design [Video]

At the Land8x8 Lightning Talks in Miami, Devon King delivered a presentation on the integration of data and design in landscape architecture, emphasizing the importance of workflow, collaboration, and utilizing various software tools. As a landscape architect at EDSA in Fort Lauderdale, Devon shares insights into how data-informed design processes are transforming the industry.

The presentation begins with Devon expressing excitement about discussing data-informed design, workflow, and tools utilized in landscape architecture. She highlights the goal of utilizing software without dead ends, exemplified by the transition from Rhino to Revit for documentation purposes. Devon discusses the utilization of data for visualization, analysis, and collaboration, showcasing projects where various software tools like InfraWorks and Civil 3D are employed to visualize designs and analyze complex terrains.

Devon elaborates on the process and workflow involved in a real-world project, detailing how her team utilizes scripts in Rhino for tasks like distributing trees across different landscape typologies. She emphasizes the importance of collaboration between different disciplines and the seamless integration of data throughout the design process.

The presentation dives into a specific project involving stormwater management on an island with mostly residential units. Devon explains the design solution of sub-surface conveyance and the iterative process of strategy development, client buy-in, and modeling using Rhino scripts tailored to project parameters.

Devon shares lessons learned from the project, including the importance of understanding design dependencies, managing expectations, and the necessity of collaboration between design and technical delivery teams from the outset. She emphasizes the role of landscape architects as key coordinators between various disciplines and predicts a larger influence and responsibility for landscape architects in future projects.

In conclusion, Devon anticipates the increasing importance of performance metrics and informed visuals, emphasizing the need for data-driven design solutions. She envisions landscape architects taking on a prime consultant role more frequently and emphasizes the necessity of staying updated with evolving software technologies. The presentation concludes with Devon expressing excitement and inspiration for the future of data-driven landscape architecture.

This video was filmed on January 23, 2024 as part of the Land8x8 Lightning Talks sponsored by Anova Furnishings.

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  1. I love this. Very cool.
    Want to know more about the custom scripts.

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