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Beyond the Certification: Weaving Ecosystem Services Into Every Landscape [Video]

At the Land8x8 Lightning Talks in Miami, Patricia Matamoros, Reslience & Adaptation Lead at Savino & Miller Design Studio, challenges the notion that sustainability and resilience should be niche concepts in landscape architecture. She emphasizes that ecosystem services should be at the core of every project undertaken by landscape architects, rather than being considered a subcategory.

Patricia advocates for a shift in design approach towards understanding the symbiotic relationship between resilience and ecosystem services. She argues that this shift invites exploration of the hidden benefits that all landscape architecture projects can provide. To achieve this, she highlights the Sustainable Sites Initiative as a framework enabling the implementation of nature-based solutions aligned with site resilience.

One of the projects she discusses is the Miami Baywalk, where Savino & Miller Design Studio transformed a public waterfront into an ecological and cultural asset. Despite not initially intended as a sustainability project, Patricia’s team seized the opportunity to incorporate resilience strategies, leading to the project’s eventual codification into Miami’s development code.

Moreover, Patricia emphasizes the importance of everyday practices in promoting sustainability. From advocating for underground utilities to selecting eco-friendly materials, she demonstrates how small choices can make a significant impact on the environment. She urges professionals to consider the environmental implications of their decisions and encourages them to ask tough questions about sourcing and manufacturing practices.

Patricia also highlights projects like River Landing, where resilience and flood protection were prioritized alongside public access to natural resources. She stresses the importance of advocating for narrower vehicular lanes, wider sidewalks, and the preservation of healthy trees on sites.

In her conclusion, Patricia emphasizes the power of the Sites Guiding Principles to integrate ecosystem services into every project, regardless of certification. She envisions a future where every landscape contributes to building resilience against climate change and leaves a legacy of healthy, vibrant environments for future generations.

Overall, Patricia’s presentation underscores the transformative potential of landscape architecture in promoting sustainability and resilience, urging professionals to weave ecosystem services into the fabric of every landscape they design.

This video was filmed on January 23, 2024 as part of the Land8x8 Lightning Talks sponsored by Anova Furnishings.

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