Sami Bronowski

  • I am finishing up the MUD program at Ball State University.  It is run in downtown Indianapolis.  It’s a year-long program, August-July.  We run it through our College of Architecture and Planning, so you will have exposure to architecture, planning, and landscape architecture professors.  It balances pushing creativity with what could happen in…[Read more]

  • I have a quick question about resumes.  I will be graduating this coming May will my BLA.  I am in the process of cleaning up my resume and cover letter.  In looking for jobs to apply for, I always search landscape architecture, since that is my specific degree.  I am not yet, however, a registered landscape architect since I am entry level.  Ca…[Read more]

  • was just reading some of these responses and saw that you stressed the 5 year BLA. that is what i will be graduating with come may, however, we ARE doing a thesis. i understand it may not be quite as in depth as a master’s thesis, but i am not currently considering grad school. the push i’ve heard is experience over academia. does the thesis still…[Read more]

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