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    Actually we have been putting ads out in fact we had an ad in Roll Call the day that we were on the hill for Advocacy Day. Please everyone check out the Advocacy and Licensure link on whatever you think of ASLA as an organization the legislative staff is doing great things for our profession. Also please check out there is a letter that Nancy Somerville sent to Obama on behalf of ASLA regarding proposed budget cuts that could affect Landscape Architecture programs in a very bad way.

    So as to if ASLA has a public voice or not I want to say two things, ASLA National and those of us on the GAAC are trying to be a voice and that each of you is our voice. Write letters, join the Advocacy network (replying to Action items takes less then 5 minutes) send in editorials to your news papers and news stations. And as for NPR, send them your story item, they are always looking for leads for good stories.

    Each of us as Landscape Architects is has a responsibility to to be our professions voice. We are now being heard but the sound can definitely be a lot louder.


    For everyone out there wondering if Landscape Architects have a voice in the politics in DC we do. I am part of ASLA’s Government Affairs Advisory Committee and we are very active in what happens in Congress. In fact this Wednesday is ASLA’s in-district Lobby Day were National through the local chapters have organized LA’s from around the country to meet with their Senators and Representatives about issues we are working on. We also have a National Lobby day in DC. We are working on quite a lot of issues and even working to aid in the writing of legislation. Such topics as Stormwater management, green roofs, sustainable communities, HALS, no child left inside, climate action, transportation and many others. ASLA has a very wonderful and dedicated staff that has made incredible progress to make sure our voice is heard along with the Engineers and Architects.

    Please visit the Advocacy Website for ASLA sign up for alerts and make your voice heard.

    Also PA has an LA in congress.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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