• Evidently not a lot of critical thinking, hence why so many people such as yourself have been sucked into this nonsense. And I despise people who use the term ‘denier’. It won’t be long before we’re just referred to as conspiracy theorists, or worse.
    I do have my issues with academia. I was taught at one of the top private schools in the UK, my…[Read more]

  • “The scientific method always allows for questioning, for new data. Always. I am sure you know how it works, right? And the science on global warming is overwhelming.”
    But that’s not how it works, Trace. Science is comprised of people, and people are not infallible, or more importantly immune from funding pressures and political influence. Science…[Read more]

  • Well as much as I despise Greenpeace, this fellow is correct in his assertions about global warming. We definitely should be working on our level of consumption in terms of cutting down forests and such, but placing limits on CO2 emissions is just a money spinner and power trip by vested interests.. it just does nothing for us as a society, and…[Read more]

  • I’m currently on a LA BSc course at the moment and your first paragraph made me chuckle.. sounds like a pretty accurate assessment to me!

  • Apart from war or an epidemic that wipes out a large chunk of the population, I can’t see any way back from where we are. We could potentially work from the inside out, which is where I think LA should be doing its business, but it would also take a massive culture shift too I think.. and I can’t see people giving up their gizmo’s and useless junk…[Read more]

  • I think it’s highly likely that computer software will replace a large portion of what designers do, even down to say starting with an image/form that you like and the software being able to interpret it and add it to the design, modify it and work with, to produce a final design. Computer hardware will continue to become more powerful, quantum…[Read more]

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