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  • As the climate crisis intensifies and accelerates, a new generation of activists is emerging with startling suddenness. In an effort to stem this crisis, many young people are mobilizing rapidly.

    Members of […]

  • thanks Linda – see you in Tacoma

  • Background
    Here in early 2019, we find ourselves in a terrifying time. The evidence is astoundingly clear that the effects of climate change are worse than previously predicted and accelerating. If humanity is to […]

    • So glad to see you continuing this important work, Steve! Looking forward to your conference session at the Washington-ASLA Annual, March 22 in Tacoma!

    • Sorry Steve, but, I have to disagree with your “Utopian theories” in your article. If we were to say, eliminate 100% of the OIL in America…eliminate all vehicles, aircraft, ships, etc. that use fossil fuels……it would mean going 100% Electric. Manufacturing “batteries” also pollutes our atmosphere. Besides, WHO is going to force China, Russia, India and all of the other 3rd World nations to live by YOUR Standards…..answer, nobody. And, if you take away all of the gasoline, millions of Americans will own cars they can no longer drive. Are you going to buy us ALL a new car…maybe an expensive Tesla?

      Like it or not….the entire World’s economy is very much dependent on the OIL & GAS Industry (and COAL). We can of course advocate for change….and a variety of types of energy….but, IMO, it’s totally unrealistic to eliminate all fossil fuels.

      Al Gore is now worth over $200 Million……because, he pushed the “Global Warming Theory”….which is a myth. Climate Change is real…has been here on Earth, since the beginning of time (way before mankind inhabited our Planet). I really wish to meet the men and women who will actually be capable of changing the Earth’s Climate Changing Process.

      Why is it that I continue to read these very Liberal articles on LAND 8… Landscape Architect’s MUST “save our Planet”. Realistically, I believe Landscape Architects are become less relevant in our Society…..and I find that very sad and disturbing…but, true.
      IMO, University Landscape Architecture Professors need to be teaching young LA students…..”realistic” solutions to our environmental challenges…..not concepts that you can only find when watching a very futuristic SCI-FI Movie. But, it’s FUN to at least “dream” of the impossible.


      J. Robert (Bob) Wainner

    • P.S. from J. Robert (Bob) Wainner;

      The thinking in this article……that we “must” eliminate 100% fossil fuels……is the SAME concept that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s NEW GREEN DEAL. This is a really “ridiculous” concept…..period. Yes, CO2 emissions are not good for our Nation…but, 3 of the TOP cities with the most CO2 emissions are Los Angeles, San Francisco & New York City…all 3 cities are VERY Liberal cities. WHY don’t the citizens of these communities do something about their terrible CO2 emissions problems??? Yes, America as a whole also has CO2 emission problems….but, to do away with 100% of cars, passenger jets and cows… not only ridiculous, but, does everyone realize how many millions of LOST JOBS that would cost Americans?!!! And, what that would do to the American economy! I think we need to take a hard look at CHINA’s CO2 emissions issues. CHINA is the worst Nation on the planet when it comes to CO2 emissions….CHINA is produces twice the amount America puts out.

      And, in my opinion, going with Electric Cars and High speed trains… just not the answer. I think America is easily 100 years away from any of that. Tesla’s cars MSRP start around $74,000.00 and go up to $130,000.00 (that’s not affordable or practical for a vast majority of American citizens). Tesla is “trying” to develop a $30k car, but, is having major issues with the production and reliability process….doubt if they’ll be able to develop a Tesla in that price range.

      In addition, putting the OIL & Natural Gas Industries out of business is ridiculous. OIL literally drives the “Economy” of the entire Planet.

      Until the other Nations of the World take CO2 emissions seriously…….we will NEVER resolve this issue on our Planet. And, there is nobody who will or can force other Nations to comply.

      Personally, I enjoy riding bicycles…..but, I don’t think America is ready to exchange their gasoline cars for either electric cars or bicycles for transportation yet. So……if anyone is waiting for or hoping for a “POST CARBON LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE” World… have to believe, this is only a “theory” and not a very practical one at that.

  • On October 8, 2018, the UN released a bombshell report whose implications will shake the profession of landscape architecture to its core. The report lays out clear evidence that if world governments don’t take […]

  • thanks for your comment Mike – yes, we landscape architects can’t pretend to be “green.” We must be committed to working with reality.

  • The chart above is of profound importance to landscape architecture as a profession and especially for any practitioner or student under the age of thirty.

    This chart, which is based on the science […]

    • Hi Steve,

      This is a useful article in which you have opened my eyes to how much influence the LA design has on increasing the C02 burden, which is a big step away from the green and fluffy landscapes we think are responsible for creating. Importantly, as designers we are reminded that each of us is at the best stage in the design process to seek out ‘greener’ alternatives and challenge design and specifications.


      • thanks for your comment Mike – yes, we landscape architects can’t pretend to be “green.” We must be committed to working with reality.

    • thanks for reading and your comment, Bob

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