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    Believe me, if I could do it all in SketchUP Pro I would!  The problem is that for Construction Drawings and Deliverables and for importing Civil Data from Survey Instruments, SketchUP is not your best tool.  It lacks the 2d CAD capablilities of  a standard CAD package.  It is getting better though.  BricsCAD (or -let me hold my nose here- Autocad) and LandFX is your best tool.  For drawing in 3d SketchUp has them all beat!  But SketchUP and Brics/Auto CAD do not handle texture mapped graphics well.  Brics/Auto Cad does not handle it period! The DXF or DWG file format does not handle texture mapping and SketchUP chokes quickly when adding 1000 plant models with 50,000 polygons and texture maps each!  So in order to deal with that I am forced to place low res-low polygon count models in Sketchup and replace them with High res High Polgon count models in Vue 9 Infinite.  Vue was born for that kind of environment.   Also you can do a lot of fancy modeling and especially rendering in Vue that would make any SketchUP user trying to render a sketchup model with a sketchup plugin renderer envious!  I guess I just like to use the right tool for the right job.  There is unfortunately no one tool that will accomplish all that needs doing.  And even if that tool became available there will always be features that are leff out that are essential is some work flows that will require using other appications to supplement those deficiencies.  We can wish for that one program.  (but people in Hell wish for cold water too!)
    best wishes!

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