Preliminary “Hand Drawn” Residential Design (before labels were added)

  • Preliminary Residential Drawing BY HAND before labels


  1. Example…….A Recently “HAND DRAWN” Preliminary Landscape Master Plan for a Residence located in NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (before the labels were added). This Home Owner was wanting a “French Style” exterior Design to their recently completely remodeled Residence. So, I went with a lot of “topiary” type plantings, Formalized Plantings, A Classic French Oval Pool Shape, Semi-Circular Pergola with curved benches below, French Style Vases at all 4 corners of the Swimming Pool, A French Style Pool House, etc.

    This Drawing was Labeled and a Preliminary Cost Estimate was created. After I receive feedback from this Designer….then, the Final Planting Plans, Grading Plans & Pool Construction Plans will be generated.

  2. P.S……I have designed close to (600) Projects during my 42 Year LA Career……a wide variety of project types in 14 different States. ALL of these Projects were created and drawn “BY HAND”…..never needed the use of “autoCAD”….and I never had a single Client request that I produce any of their Projects using “autoCAD”. I took my first “Architectural Drawing Course” at the age of 13 (7th Grade) and earned an “A” in the course. Have been drawing “BY HAND”….every since!

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