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Waza to Kokoro: Hands and Heart seminar in Japanese garden arts

This intensive, hands-on educational seminar is an immersive learning experience in Japanese garden arts, framed in the Culture of Tea and the art form of the tea garden. Come to Portland to learn stonesetting, plant care, design, history and other related subjects directly from Japanese garden masters. The course is designed for landscape practitioners from all disciplines. Location: Portland Japanese Garden and offsites Dates: June 8-14 (application opens Jan. 10, 2020) Level: 1 (there is no course prerequisite, but the course is designed for professionals) Waza to Kokoro is eligible for continuing education credits from several professional associations. Tuition, conditions, program content and other details at or from The Trainin...Read More

Cool Abu Dhabi Challenge

The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) of Abu Dhabi invites you to participate in a global creative ideas competition to improve outdoor thermal comfort in public spaces by mitigating the impact of the Urban Heat Island Effect in the city. The competition is open to all; but is specifically looking for designers, architects, engineers, landscape architects, material scientists, educators, researchers, students, artists and/or inter-disciplinary teams from across the globe, to contribute. The winning entries will represent the most original and innovative ideas that attempt to reduce Heat Island Effect in a prototypical urban site in Abu Dhabi through design interventions or material and scientific innovations. Entries are not limited to architectural design interventions and ...Read More

Mindful Water Conservation Practices in 2020

It seems that thus far, we have taken our water sources for granted. The impact of climate change on the environment is indisputable and the planet is getting warmer due to the greenhouse effect. Truth be told, this is mostly, if not entirely, our fault. Our disregard for the wellbeing of our surroundings has brought about the melting of polar ice and the consequent rise of sea levels, as well as intense heat waves which trigger a shift in the natural timetable of things concerning both flora and fauna. Thanks to the rising global temperatures, we find our wildlife, agriculture, ecosystems, our health and water and energy resources compromised. Our water resources have been impacted with droughts and water shortages and are becoming a widespread issue. Firstly, there is much less snow accu...Read More

The Loumaki Park

PURPOSE The purpose of this proposal is to create a new green area in Karditsa so that it will become the new landmark destination for both residents and visitors. The connectivity of the park to the urban fabric that respects everybody, prioritizing the pedestrians, the disabled, and the bicycles is another basic element of the design, together with the use of materials and construction methods which are easily achievable and ensure the best energy efficiency, as well as the minimum need for their maintenance. GIS ANALYSIS Ahead of the landscape planning of the project, a GIS-based analysis through geo-information technology considered mandatory and of high importance, was executed. High resolution satellite imagery and other earth observations available through NASA’s open platform USGS-...Read More

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