Topos 72: Design and Function

I am always excited when the latest issue of Topos arrives in my mailbox. Not only are the projects reviewed inspiring and the writing excellent, the whole magazine is high quality – even down to the weight. (Those who have picked one up know what I mean.) Topos 72: Design and Function did not fail to impress.

Do the designs for open spaces meet the needs of their users? Topos 72 uses 17 different international projects to answer this question. In good fashion.

To discuss the current issue, check out the Topos group here on Land8 Lounge. Order the current issue and subscribe to Topos here.

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  1. Topos editor, Robert Schafer spoke in Sydney a couple of months ago and it was one of the most inspiring talks that I’ve heard for years – he was speaking on happiness and well being! It’s a tough industry to be running a magazine in and the fact that it’s kept going for this long with the high level of writing etc can only be commended.

  2. amazing!

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