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I’m thinking of drawing all my future construction details in 3D….I have AutoCad and BricsCad but have never used them for 3D. Is there easier to learn 3D software or is what I have as good as it gets?

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  1. sketchup is easy to pick up as far a figuring out a new program.  Daniel Tal has a book on it that will explain everything you need to know, but you can learn it simply by fooling around with it.  The free version is all you would need, but the pro version offers more features.

  2. Yeah, if you are looking easy to learn/use, sketchup is the way to go.  It has its limitations, but many of those can be overcome by pairing it with rendering software like Thea Render (My favorite) or Shaderlight (Daniel Tal’s tool of choice).

    For an idea of what Thea can do:

  3. This industry needs to abandon Sketchup

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