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10 Reasons to Come to LAbash 2019

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LAbash is a Landscape Architecture conference hosted for the students, by the students. Every year, students from landscape architecture programs across the country congregate in a different city to learn, experience, and immerse themselves in Landscape Architecture. This year’s conference is being held in Athens, Georgia which has a strong history in creativity. Being the birthplace of bands such as REM and the B-52’s, Athens offers culture, music, food, and nightlife unrivaled for a town of its size. Athens is also home to the University of Georgia which is proud to host the event. The University of Georgia was the first public university in the United States, as well as one of the original schools to have a dedicated Landscape Architecture degree. We invite you to come “find your roots” with us and tap into this longevity of experience that UGA and Athens has to offer. Still need a reason to go? Let’s break it down for you.

10) The Food

In addition to having out of this world catering for the event, LAbash 2019 encourages you to go out and taste Athens. The town offers numerous local and nationally acclaimed options – just pull aside any UGA student and they’ll give you the lowdown on all the spots. Come hungry!

9) The Campus

The University of Georgia offers a buffet of cultural, botanical, and historical treats for you to explore during your time here. North Campus, where the College of Environment and Design is located, fuses architecture with a park and garden like atmosphere that blends seamlessly into downtown Athens. Don’t be afraid to walk around and get inspired.

8) The Music Scene

Plan on catching a live show while you’re in town. Athens has served as an incubator for a vibrant music scene and has produced a distinctive alternative sound that is recognized across the country. LAbash has also set up a very special live performance sponsored by Permaloc that you won’t want to miss.

UGA College of Environment and Design

Image: UGA College of Environment and Design

7) Grad Schools

Thinking of going to grad school? On the fence or just don’t know what schools to look at? No worries! We will have several graduate programs in our expo that are interested in talking to you! In addition, we have a Grad Panel set up for you to ask questions of current graduate students and their experience.

6) Free Swag

Not only will LAbash have a massive expo space with vendors, but we will also be raffling off a Wacom tablet, an iPad, and a Chartpak Marker set. With your paid registration, you will also be receiving a bag of conference goodies and a t-shirt. ALSO, mmcite has partnered with us to offer a $1,000 prize for the LAbash 2019 Design Competition. With all this free stuff on the table, why wouldn’t you go?

5) Professional Networking

Need a job or internship? Numerous firms and employers will be at LAbash and want to talk to you! Studies show that employers would rather hire someone they’ve met previously, so come on and make a solid step towards your future in the industry!

Georgia Theater

4) The Parties

Y’all down to rage? With the help of our partners, LAbash 2019 is pleased to offer the Land8 Happy Hour sponsored by Anova Furnishings at Hedges on Broad, an Athen’s premiere party destination, and Permaloc Closing Ceremony at Georgia Theater with Athens exclusive live band performances. Be ready for your evenings to be like no other (and maybe bring some Advil)!

LAbash 2018 at Penn State

3) The Classes

One of the most important missions of LAbash 2019 is enriching participants with knowledge. We have lectures, workshops, sketch crawls, panels, and experiences that aim to expose you to areas of the industry that you wouldn’t otherwise interact with. Don’t miss this chance to broaden your horizons.

2) The Keynotes

Y’all, this lineup is so unreal that we still can’t even believe we miracled it. Kona Gray of EDSA, Barbara Deutsch of the Landscape Architecture Foundation, and Thomas Woltz of Nelson Byrd Woltz will grace the stage and share with you their knowledge and experiences.

1) The Experience

Most of all, the experience is the most important part. There is no other conference within the industry that brings together students like this. These are the peers that you will work and interact with in the future, no matter your alma mater. People have formed lasting professional and personal relationships at LAbash that carry them through the rest of their lives. Don’t miss out on your opportunity, or else we predict a major FOMO moment for you the weekend of April 4-6th.  Register today at for a weekend you’ll be talking about for years to come!

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"FIND YOUR ROOTS" -- This motto follows the long-standing tradition and history that The University of Georgia shares both with higher education and Landscape Architecture. As the first public university in the United States, UGA’s heritage is proven to be one of steadfast commitment to students and the Southeastern community. As one of the original Landscape Architecture programs in the United States, UGA has produced professionals that have contributed to the field for over 90 years. Athens also offers Its own character. Nicknamed the Classic City for its distinctive historical architecture, Athens also was home to the first ladies garden club in the country as well as a distinctive music and arts culture that has produced artists such as R.E.M., The B-52’s, and Widespread Panic. LAbash 2019’s mission is to allow the next generation of Landscape Architects to tap the longevity of experience and tradition that UGA’s College of Environment and Design has to offer, as well as create experiences that allow them to create and explore their own roots in design.

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