20 Places to Exercise your Networking Skills

20 Places to Exercise your Networking Skills

Okay, so the 2013 ASLA Conference isn’t until November, so you still have some time to dust off your networking skills and make your travel arrangements.  I realize conferences can be expensive and out of reach for many people, but the rewards pay off in the end, especially if you take advantage of the networking opportunities.  Whether or not you are able to make it to Boston for this year’s conference, let’s think about other in-person places to build your network.  Here’s a start: 

Still in school or recently graduated?  You get to add:

  • Classmates and Alumni
  • Tours of firms: who did you meet?
  • Project jurors and visiting speakers:  did you make a connection while they were there?
  • Instructors

What about online?!

I’ll get to more on networking techniques in future posts, but in the meantime, look at the facets of your world and find opportunities to meet people. How many of the above are part of your life?  How many can you easily add?  I’m sure there are countless things that I should add to the list, so please feel free to add your favorite in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for this post, Jennifer.

    I attended the BeLoose workshop in July this year which was held in Las Vegas. I took time off work and flew from London, UK.

    I have met some amazing people, from all walks of life.  Not only I have improved my drawing/ graphic skills learning and applying Mike and Brian Lin’s unique techniques, but I have learned from each and every student in the class. Each of us had something to contribute and share.

    Be Loose Workshop have certainly given me more than drawing skills- I have made friends for life! I would highly recommend attending any of the future BeLoose Workshops!

  2. best place I’ve found so far for networking after a few months doing a lot of it : groups. Linked-In comes far after.

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