Top 10 Products from Dwell on Design

Top 10 Products from Dwell on Design

As mentioned in our recent DoD 2013 summary post, fellow Land8 writer Mitch Howard and I scoured the expansive DoD exhibit hall, poked and prodded, kicked and shook, and endlessly interrogated sales people, all to find the latest and greatest products for our Land8 readers. We were able to narrow down our extensive list to 10 (not in a particular order) of what we believe are the best of the best. You’re welcome. 

1. Treehouses by Peter Nelson: Do you or your clients ever daydream about being up in the trees, overlooking the landscape below? Well, you can now do it in style. Peter Nelson has designed and installed glorious treehouses all around the world. This is not your little brother’s treehouse. Even though this is not a product, per se, I would love to have one of these in my backyard! Now, if I only had some trees.

2. Meadow Grasses and California Natives by John Greenlee & Associates/Suncrest Nurseries and Shades of Green/Mountain States Wholesale Nursery: Need to turn your next project into a drought tolerant, dynamic landscape? Look no farther than meadow grasses and California natives! John Greenlee selected and Suncrest Nurseries supplied the beautiful grasses, and Shades of Green masterfully designed and Mountain States provided all the California natives for the Dwell Outdoor exhibit. The plants gave texture, movement and color to the space while showing everyone that natives are beautiful! They can do the same for your designs.

3. Trellis Sculptures by Terra Trellis: Trellises and other garden structures made from rebar and core-ten steel. They provide a twist in your traditional trellis, adding a modern element to your landscape designs. These are exposed armatures after my heart.

4. Pebbles sculptural seating by EIS Studio: These are organically shaped indoor-outdoor seats. They can be made of wood, stone, fabric, or fiberglass. Create spaces that allow for creative seating, or informal resting places, while still providing a modern aesthetic. Fun follows function, just don’t try and skip them.

5. Stainless steel outdoor furniture by Half 13: Powder coated stainless steel that is simply designed, ergonomically proportioned and surprisingly comfortable. They are hand crafted and built to last. Use these furnishings as statement pieces indoors or out!

6. Airplantframes & Airplantvessels: by Airplantman Design: Framing and highlighting the incredible Air Plant, Josh Rosen designs elegant indoor and outdoor accents for your walls, tables or custom furniture. These air plants absorb water through their leaves and will not attract bugs. Cool.

7. Lime-Based Paints and Plaster by Ad Applications: Creating and old world look or a clean, modern feel to your outdoor project? This versatile environmentally conscious product looks great indoors and out!  Even though they are based in Europe it is available in the US for your next project. Check out their product widely used in celebrity homes all across the globe.

8. Nourishmat by Earth Starter: These pre-seeded mats would be great starter kits for a small balcony garden or any other sunny location where space is limited. Just hook up your water source to the built in irrigation and watch your garden grow. And don’t worry, you don’t need to keep track of what you planted, the nourishmat takes care of that. They also produce seedballs for a bit of guerilla gardening.

9. Oak Barrel Seats by Shades of Green: Reusing old oak barrels, these chairs, combined with powder-coated stainless steel, creates a modern outdoor chair. These seats would be great for wine lovers that have a modern aesthetic.

10. Reclaimed Wood by Restoration Timber/Stikwood and E&K Vintage Wood: Are you mindful of where your project materials come from? How about building your next bench from reclaimed wood? Restoration Timber and E&K Vintage Wood provides all things reclaimed wood, from floor to ceiling to the outdoors.

So there’s our list. Hope you found it useful. Would you use these products in your next project? Chime in below!

Lead image courtesy of Airplantman Designs; Photo by Art Grey.

All Images taken from each respective company’s website or courtesy of Tony Ignacio.

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  1. Great stuff. I really would like to see the inside of that spherical treehouse!

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