3 Considerations When Selecting a Crane Hire Company

Crane Hire Company

Article by Caitlyn Bell We explore 3 considerations one should take when selecting a crane hire company. When preparing yourself for a massive project, you need to be able to trust that you have the ideal tools for the job. But with so much to deal with and such a varied selection, it’s hard to know where to begin, and most importantly, what to look for in the machine of your dreams. While not too long ago reviews of commercial hiring were largely left to word of mouth, the age of information has made it quick and simple for you to find a business to trust.

Crane Hire Company

1. Variety There isn’t just one type of project, so why would there be one kind of crane?

Crane Hire Company

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To be able to make an informed decision on which company is the ideal fit for your project, knowing exactly what you need from the company is a necessity. Businesses that specifically cater to a small selection of crane types may be the way to go if they can suit your desired outcomes, however in commercial hiring, a wider selection should never mean lesser quality, and a varied portfolio allows for more specification in your choices. From the Liebherr 1130’s advanced mobility for delicate work in smaller spaces, to the Franna AT22 compact agility for faster transport, crane hire isn’t a “one fits all” business, and your projects should never have to settle for less. 2. Track Record Like most professions, experience is key. A company that has managed to keep up with ever changing trends and technology over the long term should not only have a vast knowledge and understanding to lead you in the right direction, but should also have a portfolio of successes to put your mind at ease when deciding to entrust your capital to them. 3. Quality Not all cranes are built equal, and though you can be sure that there is a required standard for power and reliability, there are a plethora of brands and companies that stand out above their competition. Going through every single review and critique for a business would be a daunting and ultimately unnecessary task, but making sure that whichever company you choose has had a history of customer satisfaction can save you from a lot of disappointment. Also it must be said that, although some companies may try to hide it, a poorly maintained crane can’t hide itself for long. While not having the latest models is easily excused, as a tried and durable model can still pose strong competition, cranes that have been overused and under-maintained can put both your work and personnel at a great disadvantage. The cheaper options may seem promising in the short term, and high quality options can still be found for a reasonable price, but always make sure that what you’re buying is up to the challenge before you put it to the test. It’s easy to be led astray with so many companies vying for your attention, but knowing you have the tools to make a quick, informed decision about who to call will let this be the least of your worries as you focus on the task ahead. Article by Caitlyn Bell All images supplied by author via

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