Are Landscape Architects Really Necessary?

I asked local whiz-bang architect and friend Andrew Mitchell that question…”Are Landscape Architects really necessary”. His answer might surprise you.

As a Graduate Architect, a crucial part of my job is analyzing other people’s designs in order to make fun of them1 and feel superior.   I know it is a sacrifice that I must make for my profession, but I feel that I am the ideal person for this challenge.  As a designer I am fully qualified to be anything and everything to my clients.  I can design their facility from A to Z and save them money in the long run.  I do not need to hire consultants, I know everything and know what is best for them.  The only hiccup to my design dominance is when the client asks questions like, “Why is our warehouse surrounded by boxwoods and turf grass?”  Obviously my response is, “We wanted you to feel at home when you are here.  That is why we designed your site like your front yard.”  Client: “Oh, I see.  Shouldn’t we talk to a Landscape Architect?”  Design Star: “Is a Landscape Architect necessary?”…

Read the entire response at Contour Magazine

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  1. In response to your title question: Let me see…architects design shelters and landscape architects design the space in between shelters…take your pick…

  2. The civils design the “nuts and bolts” of site function, the architects have their “fixtures” in/on the site, the LAs design the “mounting” of the “fixture” with the “nuts and bolts”.

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