Best Rooftop Kitchens and Terraces

Best Rooftop Kitchens and Terraces

We take a deeper look at the best rooftop kitchens and terraces to help you get the most out of this otherwise wasted space.  If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful rooftop, you may wonder how you can best utilize and design it so it ends up being a fabulous space you can enjoy. Two of the best ways to use this space are rooftop kitchens and terraces because these spaces add additional entertaining space to your home and take advantage of the gorgeous view.

Rooftop Kitchens and Terraces

Here are some amazing rooftop spaces to get you inspired and help you create your own at home:

The Terrace Fit for a New York Penthouse

This terrace is meticulously styled and is something dreams are made of. The deck has wood planking that invites you out onto the main terrace from the living room. Plenty of trees await, from pine and boxwood to fir and juniper. These evergreen trees look amazing all year long. For a pop of color, the couple used climbing hydrangeas on the main deck and flowers such as white begonias on the smaller terrace that meets the kitchen. The smaller terrace has terracotta pavers to add some warmth to the space and many different hearty plants that will continue to look beautiful for years to come. All in all, it’s a beautiful space for relaxing in the sun, dining, and just enjoying good company.

A Wild Retreat in Belgium

This rooftop garden was designed to mimic the wild beauty of nature. The plants are grown just enough to give it that overgrown, natural feel without making the space unusable. Wood planks are used for the small patio-like deck and as stepping stones. The beautiful green plants are the perfect contrast against the red, orange, and brown shades of brick and rooftop surrounding the space. As far as furniture, it’s minimal, with two patio chairs placed on the deck, inviting you to sit and enjoy the weather.

The Modern Rooftop Kitchen

This modern rooftop kitchen features a container garden, a full size grill, sinks, and a cooler with a good amount of counter space for prepping food. The container garden is full of bright purple flowers, which contrast well against the wood decking, but it could be full of herbs for cooking to add a useful touch as well. The kitchen area is well-lit so the space can be used and enjoyed even at night. This space focuses more on making the rooftop additional living and entertaining space rather than just a garden area. The rooftop is intimate enough for two to enjoy and large enough for hosting a party as well.

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The Urban Kitchen and Living Area on the Rooftop

This contemporary space brings together rooftop living in an urban world where rooftop views are appreciated. The space uses glass walls so the owners can enjoy the urban views that they love as well as some awesome glass skylights that provide light and ambience to the rooms below. The generous kitchen space features a full size grill and bar height eating area on a lower patio that sits a step below the living space. The living space has enough seating for a small party, which makes it great for entertaining. You already have the amazing rooftop space, so now it’s just up to you to make it a beautiful terrace and kitchen that you and your guests can enjoy. Start with a design theme (modern, traditional, etc.) and create your space from there, incorporating all of the elements that you’d like to see on your rooftop from seating and dining to gardens and patios. The options are endless, so get in there and start designing your space. Recommended Reading:

Article by Brooklyn Williams Featured image: CC BY-SA 3.0, source

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