National Meeting Prep Time…

As many Landscape Architects are well aware, the ASLA national meeting is in a few weeks in Chicago. I’ve gone to four of the last five meetings, and highly recommend attendance to all professionals and students at least once. The networking opportunities are amazing, as you can find yourself sitting at lunch next to your state’s ASLA trustee, and sitting in an education session next to the principal at the firm you’ve always wanted to work at. You can also join one of the national committees, which means you get to help steer the profession, and for the small cost of some conference calls and one in person meeting at the national meeting. There are also the copious amounts of education sessions that both count towards your continuing ed credits for your registration, and can be very informative.

The biggest “problem” is that while your real networking may be mostly with peers, the possibility of solid networking with higher-ups means you will want to have your business cards, website, portfolio, and cut-sheets at their most updated and perfect.

Because of that, and the fact that my computer might be needing some poorly timed “down time” back at the manufacturer, my posts will be slowing down for the time being. However I should be back and better than ever in not to long.

See you guys in Chicago!

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