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Beyond the CEUs: 4 Benefits to Attending the ASLA Conference 2023

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We all know getting those continuing education credits (CEU’s) are a practical benefit of attending the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Conference. However, attending can offer numerous and meaningful benefits to professionals in the field of landscape architecture and related disciplines. On the fence? Here are four compelling reasons to attend the ASLA Conference:

1. Networking Opportunities: The ASLA Conference brings together a diverse group of professionals, including landscape architects, urban planners, designers, educators, and students. It provides an excellent platform to network with peers, potential clients, and collaborators. Engaging in discussions, attending workshops, and participating in social events can lead to valuable connections and partnerships that can enhance your career or projects.
Pro Tip: A fan favorite is the Land8 Happy Hour on Sunday night!

2. Professional Development: The conference offers a wide range of educational sessions, workshops, and presentations on various topics related to landscape architecture and the broader field of design and sustainability. By attending these sessions, you can stay up-to-date with industry trends, innovative practices, and emerging technologies. This continuous learning can help you improve your skills and stay competitive in the field (and earn professional development credits).
Pro Tip: Take the time to visit the Expo where many bring newest products that you can see in-person before specifying, as well as gain confidence in its design and construction – there is no replacement to seeing products in person!

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3. Exposure to New Ideas and Trends: The ASLA Conference features keynote speakers, exhibitors, and thought leaders who share their insights into the latest trends and developments in landscape architecture and related disciplines. It’s an opportunity to gain inspiration from visionary projects, innovative design concepts, and sustainable practices. Exposure to these ideas can stimulate creativity and encourage you to incorporate new approaches into your own work.
Pro Tip: Download the Conference app ahead of time to pick your sessions and have a plan (Apple | Google)

4. Professional Recognition: Attending the ASLA Conference can enhance your professional profile and credibility within the industry. By actively participating in conference activities, you demonstrate your commitment to the field and your dedication to ongoing education and networking. This can lead to greater recognition among peers, potential employers, and clients, potentially opening up new career opportunities.
Pro Tip: Stop by the “Emerging Professional Zone” in the Expo to visit the Land8 booth (exciting news to share there), learn about the student LABash Conference, LARE Prep, and more! “JobLink” with hiring firms is right next door too!

The ASLA Conference offers networking, learning, inspiration, and professional development opportunities that can greatly benefit those in the landscape architecture profession. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a student looking to enter the field, attending the conference can be a valuable investment in your career.


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