NEW Land8 Series: Landscape Architect Jeff Gonot Explores New York Starting With The High Line

There is no place on earth quite like New York City. With its unwavering ability to reel you in, the city is fertile ground for new artistic movements, architecture, and of course–public spaces.

On every Tuesday for the next eight weeks, Land8 is pleased to share with you a brand new travel series on New York City’s parks and places through the eyes of Land8 member and landscape architect Jeff Gonot. Described as part vacation and part mecca, read on to see Jeff’s unique thoughts and original photography throughout his journey.

High Line

In recent history, I believe the High Line has done more for the development of urban design than any other pedestrian-oriented design. Located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, this 1.45 mile stretch of elevated-railline-turned-pedestrian-walkway, has transformed the way people experience New York. Not only has this work changed the urban landscape, the linear park has also brought the natural local ecology into an urban context. Humans desire green open spaces, especially in a concrete jungle like New York. The economic success of the High Line sparked an urban design revolution, as cities all over the world clamored to develop their own “high line.” 

By my estimation, the High Line is the beginning of the City Beautiful Movement of the 21st Century. The revolutionary park will forever change our perception of space in relationship to the city.

The full High Line experience, sitting and looking at the city beyond.

A colorful take on a famous photo juxtaposed at the High Line.

The High Line is also a cultural experience. While enjoying the walk and the views, there were events going on like impromptu dances, wedding receptions, and an eclectic art gallery opening.

Walking the High Line was truly an unforgettable experience, one I hope you enjoy some day.

Stay tuned for the next in this series of New York City landscape architecture!

All photographs © Jeff Gonot.

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