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5 Trends Shaping Landscape Architecture in 2018

By its nature, design evolves, responding to both context and conscious. Reflecting on the prestige and tumult of 2017 (there’s too many to list), has me wondering what the next iteration of landscape architecture will be. What’s on the horizon? What are the groundswell moments that will continue to gain momentum, and what are the emerging challenges that we must confront? From the continued ripples of the LAF Declaration to finding legislative footholds to the powerful Black in Design conference, 2017 was the year that landscape architects awoke to find value in participation beyond practice as well as placing continued emphasis on of the role of place in justice, economics, and environmental stability. In no particular order, here are 5 topics that are permeating the profession of landsc...Read More

What’s New in Vectorworks Landmark 2018

This September, the third annual Vectorworks Design Summit took place in Baltimore. The event, hosted near its headquarters in Columbia, MD, showcased the lineup of programs the company offers to the design world, including Landmark, their landscape-oriented platform. Similar to last year’s conference in Chicago, Land8 was there to bring you the latest from the software company as well as our take on the impact to landscape architects. This is Part II of our continuing coverage of the Vectorworks Design Summit 2017: Vectorworks Design Summit: Celebrating BIM for Landscape What’s New in Vectorworks 2018 Interview with Adam Greenspan of PWP Landscape Architecture HISTORY OF LANDMARK Back in the day, the capabilities that are now part of the Landmark program began as just a series of pl...Read More

South Park in San Francisco Succeeds as an Ecologically and Socially Sustainable Park

It could be said that Fletcher Studio’s projects are formed generally as contemporary compositions, committed to a collaborative and contextual approach to spatial design practice and to the planning of unique and sustainable living infrastructures. That uniqueness lies in sudden details that make every Fletcher Studio design very recognizable. South Park is no different; it has an authentic look and valuable contents. In addition, it is a historically significant spot in San Francisco with a distinct history of development. “It has been an invaluable experience working with the South Park Improvement Association and the community at large to rethink San Francisco’s oldest public space… We are grateful for the incredible amount of trust the community put into us that has ...Read More

Green Roof Inspiration, Innovation, and Education with Molly Meyer

When it comes to green infrastructure practice, there isn’t much Molly Meyer, GRP, LEED GA hasn’t done. A quick scan of her resume leaves no doubt as to why she succeeds as the CEO and Founder of Omni Ecosystems, a company specialized in bringing life to built environments. Meyer is particularly well trained in the realm of green roof design becoming an accredited Green Roof Professional in 2009, and through Omni, has brought innovative products to a flourishing green roof market. As an increasing amount of cities around North America begin to recognize green roof benefits trough legislation and incentives, Meyer’s skills and vision are remarkably well-timed. As an innovator, a businesswoman, a student, and much more, Meyer’s design profile is one to watch for progressive professionals wit...Read More

From Bagels to Sea Level Rise: Landscape Architects Adapt to Climate Change [Podcast]

As the host of America Adapts – The Climate Change Podcast, I have the honor of talking to some of the world’s leading experts in climate adaptation planning. Drought, sea level rise, extreme storm events – you name it, climate change is likely to make these problems worse. How is society going to adapt to these massive changes? Well, landscape architects think they may have some answers. I was fortunate to participate in the American Society of Landscape Architects Annual Meeting & EXPO in Los Angeles in mid-October and heard many of their stories. Listen to the podcast above sponsored by Anova Furnishings. Here’s a question: What does climate change have in common with bagels? I’ll explain. One of the more curious, and surprising, things I learned at ASLA 2017 is how in t...Read More

Transforming Tysons [Land8x8]

“Why just make something, when you can create something that matters?” That’s the firm slogan that Stephanie Pankiewicz, Partner at LandDesign, considers throughout every project, and especially as she has had the opportunity to completely transform Tysons, VA. Currently known for its office parks, shopping malls, and traffic congestion, the future vision for Tysons is that of a high-density city — with walkable streets, an iconic skyline, and quality public spaces. With 14 active projects in Tysons, LandDesign is uniquely positioned to lead the city’s transformation, create something that MATTERS to the community, and set precedent for edge cities around the globe. However, communicating these large-scale changes to the many stakeholders, community members, and county officials has had it...Read More

Vectorworks Design Summit 2017: Celebrating BIM for Landscape

This September, almost 500 design industry professionals descended on the inner harbor of Baltimore for the third annual Vectorworks Design Summit. The event, hosted near its headquarters in Columbia, MD, showcased the lineup of programs they offer to the design world, including Landmark their landscape-oriented platform. Attendance was a mix of landscape architects, architects, IT tech types, and entertainment professionals. Similar to last year’s conference in Chicago, Land8 was there to bring you the latest from the software company as well as our take on the impact to landscape architects. This article is the first of a 3 part series bringing you the sights and sounds from the 2017 Vectorworks Design Summit: Vectorworks Design Summit: Celebrating BIM for Landscape Vectorworks 2018 Over...Read More

Rising from the Rubble: 1500 Design Challenges for the Emerging Future [Land8x8]

On August 11, 2017 in Charlottesville, VA, amidst signs of hatred and spewed words of bigotry, violence erupted as white nationalists clashed with counterprotesters, leading to one person killed and 19 injured. The aftermath of the Charlottesville riot, spurred by the city’s plans to remove symbols of its Confederate past, reignited the debate over what should happen with Confederate landmarks in cities across the country. On the Land8x8 Lightning Talks stage, Harriett Jameson Brooks, landscape designer at MVLA, shared her deep connection with Charlottesville, and how she turned to her profession as she grappled with this blatant display of hate and racial tension that did not match how she saw the progressive, democratic city. Since the upheaval in Charlottesville, a movement to remove Co...Read More

Pause, Applause, Pursue

When we find the time each day to catch up on what is happening in the world, both within and outside of Landscape Architecture, many of us are guilty of the same routine – we quickly sort through the headlines of the latest tragedies, review the most current real news about fake news, find condensed versions of stories on social media to speed through, and if we are lucky, find one or two worthwhile articles to take our mind off the aforementioned. Though there may be some merit in that process, scanning headlines might not be the best process to keep us all well informed, mentally sound, and energized. As the profession prepares for the largest gathering of landscape architects in Los Angeles this week at the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Annual Meeting, I want to sugge...Read More

LARE Mix and Match

Deciding which exam sections to take in what order, alone or in combination, is the first big strategy decision you’ll make about the LARE once you’ve committed to the process. If you’re in a state or province requiring that you be vetted prior to sitting for the exam, it’s your second big step. In my case, I combined Sections 1 and 2 in one exam cycle, and Sections 3 and 4 in another. Because I had passed Sections 1 and 2 having taken them on consecutive mornings, I registered for Sections 3 and 4 the same way, one morning after the other. But recovering, changing gears, and refocusing on Section 4 in less than 24 hours proved too much, and I failed with a ‘score’ of 606. In the next exam cycle, it felt almost luxurious to prepare for Section 4 all by itself. For an extra treat, I signed ...Read More

Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture Brings New Life to Constitution Avenue

Article by Maria Giovanna Drago Constitution Avenue by Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture along with Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects, and MEC in Canberra, Australia. Constitution Avenue is a key street in Canberra, Australia. In fact, along with Commonwealth and Kings Avenues, it forms the city’s basic geometric design guidelines that developed Canberra in the 1900s. Situated in a lively area, it’s adjacent to residential and commercial buildings, but also recreational and cultural activities. In 2016, Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture completed the renewal project after four years of construction. The renovation brought modernity to this roadside axis, rewriting its role in the city. We can say that Constitution Avenue was influenced by great western avenues like the Champs-Élysé...Read More

Colombia’s Got Talent – 10 Examples of Colombian Design

Article by Mayré Rivero Bueno Continuing on with our world series, we have selected 10 projects that represent Colombian design. Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world with 40,000 to 45,000 plant species, which is 10 to 20 percent of the total global species and holds the top spot for number of bird species—surpassed only by Brazil. The country is home to Rogelio Salmona (1929-2007) a Colombian architect that worked with Le Corbusier for six years at his studio in Paris from 1948 to 1954. Rogelio is among Colombia’s most celebrated modernist architects; he is the author of multiple architectonic and urban landmarks—most of them are found in Bogotá. So, let’s take a look at some known (and some not-so-known) projects in Colombia. 10. Parque Bicentenario (Bicentenario ...Read More

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