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How MalešIcký Park Became a Place Full of Play and Education

Malešický Park was created on the Malešický hill in the mid 1960s along with the Malešice housing estate in the tenth district of Prague. It is the largest park in this district and one of the larger green areas in the city. After over 50 years of existence, revitalization plans were announced in 2008. However, to begin the implementation of the new park, citizens had to wait until 2011 when the City of Prague managed to obtain European Union funds. Ultimately, the revitalization was aimed at rejuvenating the degraded areas of the housing estate, which lost some of their original function and purpose. Additionally, the park was in a poor condition and wasn’t improving the quality of life of the local inhabitants. The main purpose of the park’s renovation was to create a modern,...Read More

Podcasts in the Spotlight: 10 Brilliant Shows for Design Enthusiasts

In 2017, 112 million Americans listened to a podcast and 42 million listen to a podcast on a weekly basis. This amounts to 15% of the total US population, which is five times more than weekly visits made to the movies. “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something NEW.” – Dalai Lama The reason why podcasts are so popular is because most of us want to learn new things and broaden our knowledge base. They are the 21st century’s offline radio. Podcasts can be a great tool for landscape architects to keep track of current trends and topics, feed new vocabulary to your brain, or give you a deeper perspective of the world. Next time you are doing research for a project you should take 30 minutes out of your day, possibl...Read More

5 Key Points for Renovating Urban Space in Old Towns

Modern European cities are artfully woven fabrics that combine the past and present in breathtaking cityscapes, where historical buildings easily mix with more modern ones. Because of this, the design of open space in the historic center of a town requires great attention, since its mission is to highlight the historical context by using contemporary applications. In cities with remnants of many eras, the designer must decide what era will prevail in the center’s plan. Often, the material choices come from the built environment or the existing architecture as they originated from local sources. Many designers even dare to reuse existing materials from remnants of the city. 1. Keeping Things Minimal When a project is built in a historical environment, it is important to remember the c...Read More

LARE – Comment or No Comment: What is that Mysterious Tab For?

As anyone who has sat for the LARE exam knows, at the top of the screen of every question is a tab that says, “Comments.” The first time I saw this, during the exam, I was intrigued. After all, CLARB’s LARE intro videos show examples of the exam interface, which show only the screen tab called, “Exhibits” for graphic questions on Sections 3 and 4. No mention is made anywhere about a tab called “Comments,” including during the tutorial given in the exam room prior to launching the LARE. “Would CLARB offer words of encouragement in this Comments tab?”, I wondered during the first few minutes of my exam. After the adrenaline rush of the exam’s first few minutes wore off, I did click on one of the Comments tabs, only to discover a blank window in which to type. Who will read this, ...Read More

Forest and Architecture [Land8x8]

There is something so serene about being in a forest. Whether it’s the peaceful silence or beautiful surroundings, being immersed in nature has actually been proven to affect you both physically and emotionally. However, while the forest is an environment often preferred by humans, it displays little resemblance to the loud and crowded cities in which most of us choose to live. With an increase in global urbanization, there is a need to adapt the urban environment, bringing aspects of the forest into our cities. During her presentation at Land8x8 Lightning Talks, Jana VanderGoot, architect and founding partner at VanderGoot Ezban Studio, explores how we can create cities that mimic the benefits of the forest. Forests have the ability to capture carbon, moderate temperature, purify water, a...Read More

IGA Berlin 2017: A Large Dose of Inspiration From the World in One Place

IGA (Internationale Gärten Ausstellung) is a periodically organized International Garden Exhibition where new botanical and horticultural trends are displayed in artistic forms for the world to enjoy. There are various elements related to landscape architecture and gardening, among others, that are shown here such, as display gardens, plant exposures, gardening equipment, and furniture. To date, exhibitions have been organized in Hamburg, Dresden, Munich, Stuttgart, and Rostock, but this year’s was hosted in Berlin for the first time. Berlin’s authorities began planning the competition in 2009. Initially the exhibition was intended to be held at Tempelhof Airport. However, the concept changed, and it was decided that the International Garden Exhibition Berlin 2017 would be held...Read More

Interview with Adam Greenspan of PWP Landscape Architecture

In the Fall of 2017, the third annual Vectorworks Design Summit took place in Baltimore. The event, hosted near its headquarters in Columbia, MD, showcased the lineup of programs the company offers to the design world, including Landmark, their landscape-oriented platform. Similar to last year’s conference in Chicago, Land8 was there to bring you the latest from the software company as well as our take on the impact to landscape architects. This is Part III of our continuing coverage of the Vectorworks Design Summit 2017: Vectorworks Design Summit: Celebrating BIM for Landscape What’s New in Vectorworks 2018 Interview with Adam Greenspan of PWP Landscape Architecture ABOUT PWP LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE Adam Greenspan, a design partner at PWP Landscape Architecture, has been the lead designer ...Read More

Faaborg Harbor Bath: A Multifunctional Harborfront Park

The Faaborg Harbor Bath in southern Denmark, completed in 2014, is the result of an invited competition for the municipality of Faaborg-Midtfyn designed in collaboration with a team of Danish offices. The Harbor Bath is one, among other similar, public seawater swimming basins that JDS Architects created. Together with architects Urban Agency and Creo Arkitekter as well as engineers Sloth Møller, they followed the general trend for leisure activities and bathing culture to reconquer cities and industrial areas. The project is an outcome of a proposal to redesign the harborfront into a social space by rethinking and recreating the outdated public space. This project enabled the bathing culture to return to the city and to develop an area that was once used for industrial purposes. The Desig...Read More

The Next Green Revolution [Land8x8]

Despite their ability to treat stormwater, cleanse air, and improve mental health, plants are too often an afterthought in urban design projects. What is often considered decoration or “parsley around the roast,” as famed landscape architect Thomas Church describes it, may actually have the potential to address the challenges of urbanization. That’s what Thomas Rainer asserted at Land8x8 Lighting Talks, announcing “I think it’s time to re-evaluate how the profession of landscape architecture approaches planting design.” A leading voice in ecological landscape design, Rainer is among the cohort of practitioners who are turning away from conventional horticultural practices, which encourage arranging plants as individual art pieces, and drawing inspiration from the way plants grow in nature....Read More

LAF 2018 Scholarships: Deadlines Approaching

The Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF), the leader in national scholarships for landscape architecture students, reminds students and faculty about its 2018 award opportunities with over $125,000 available. These awards support new generations of landscape architects by recognizing leadership, rewarding superior student performance, encouraging diversity, supporting original research, and assisting students with unmet financial need. Spread the word to qualified candidates! LAF Honor Scholarship in Memory of Joe Lalli, FASLA Applications due: Feb 1 This prestigious $20,000 scholarship is awarded annually to a student pursuing a Master’s degree in landscape architecture in the U.S. or Canada. Candidates should demonstrate commitment to some of the areas that Joe Lalli dedicated himself...Read More

Banyoles Old Town Redesign Highlights the Medieval Footprint of the City

The design of open-air public spaces in cities with historical backgrounds usually borrows inspiration from the past. Periods such as the Αncient Τimes, the Renaissance, and the Μiddle Αges left strong footprints in major capitals of Europe, but these periods also left their marks in smaller towns. Banyoles is one such small town in Catalonia where visitors feel like they are traveling back in time. So, it comes as no surprise that Miàs Arquitectes decided to bring back the town’s medieval character to the newly renovated town center. Their decision was based on the center’s location, surrounded by old buildings and architectural features with a strong past. Miàs Arquitectes’ design references the medieval past of the city, while also striking a balance between the functional and aesthetic...Read More

This Beautiful Model District is Raising the Quality of the Residential Market in China

Development in China is known to happen very quickly. Imagine the intensity of the design process from project conception to construction, which amplifies the importance of getting it right within a small time frame. Vanke Huafu Mansion Model District has done just that. Vanke Mansion Real Estate’s brand is one that promotes elegance and zen spirit of traditional Chinese mansions in a contemporary manner. The design direction was not only to design the low-density high quality residential development itself but also, more importantly, to design the main entrance area of a future residential community and the sales center within the ancient Chinese capital of Xi’an. Resolving practical issues of circulation satisfy the residents and visitors to the sales center. As the saying “You nev...Read More

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