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Brian Jencek | Healthy Cities: City-Making at the Intersection of Landscape Architecture and Public Health [Webinar]

Description:  Great cities are defined by their great streets and open spaces. Yet the very existence of cities continues to be challenged by pandemics and climate change. Join this session to learn how landscape architecture is redefining cities through the lens of human health and resilience. This webinar is from the Land8 Virtual Conference sponsored by Anova Furnishings, recorded on April 23, 2020. VIEW ALL WEBINARS >

Designing High-Performing (Digital) Landscapes: Social Media’s Place in Landscape Architecture [Webinar]

Description:  Social media, when used correctly, is an invaluable tool to landscape architects. Social media plays a critical role in how landscape architects control the profession’s narrative in an architecture-focused media landscape. Learning Outcomes: Attendees will learn how important a social media presence is, why it matters, and how it contributes overall to educating people about the profession Attendees will learn about the various social media platforms available for use and how to create a sound strategy Attendees will understand available social media metrics, how and when to report, and how these insights prove an ROI to leadership and board members Attendees will learn tips for crowdsourcing content from employees across their firm so everyone feels represented and increasi...Read More

Kurt Culbertson | Spatial Equity in the Time of Covid 19 [Webinar]

Description:  The imperative for designers to create spaces of great social interaction that bring together diverse, multi-generational populations is now being questioned in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Yet out of this crisis and chaos can come lasting opportunities to rethink the nature of work, to redefine resiliency to address challenges of pandemics and other health crisis, and to examine the equitable design of public spaces which are flexible and adaptable to a new understanding of public health. The pandemic has been particularly devastating for seniors, low income communities, and people of color. In the face of our current challenges, we need to determine the place of landscape architects in crafting a safer, more equitable society. This webinar is from the Land8 Virtual ...Read More

Gina Ford | Cutting Against the Bias – a Talk About the Strategic Advantage of Gender and Design [Webinar]

Description:  The conversation about gender in design practice often leans in on the challenges – that women are not achieving at the same rate as their male colleagues and that their achievements are not seen or celebrated in the same way. Agency – as a practice model rooted in an optimistic philosophy of the same name – claims being women-led as a strategic advantage. This presentation will discuss gender as a creative driver in practice, a multi-faceted benefit in business, and a critical dimension of diversity in design. This webinar is from the Land8 Virtual Conference sponsored by Anova Furnishings, recorded on April 21, 2020. VIEW ALL WEBINARS >

John Surico | Revitalizing Urban Parks After COVID-19 [Webinar]

Description: With half of the world now living under lockdown, the ability to go outside and get some fresh air has never been so important, or so fiercely contested. As those who can afford to do so converge on green spaces, seeking exercise and solace amid the coronavirus pandemic, parks have become stages for collective joy, anxiety, and social-distancing infringement crackdowns. The multiplicity of benefits parks have always offered us — physical and mental health relief, community building, and free public open space in tight, increasingly privatized urban quarters — seem not only like an added bonus right now, but rather, a critical lifeline for cities and their residents. This webinar is from the Land8 Virtual Conference sponsored by Anova Furnishings, recorded on April 21, 2020. VI...Read More

Barbara Deutsch | Landscape Performance to Demonstrate Impact [Webinar]

Description: The Landscape Architecture Foundation explores the concept of landscape performance as a critical tool for landscape architects to advance sustainable outcomes and reach key decision-makers. You’ll learn how to evaluate landscape performance and choose appropriate metrics and methods to evaluate your own projects. Supplemented by resources from the Foundation’s online Landscape Performance Series, the presentation will show how and why an understanding of the myriad benefits of sustainable landscapes is essential for designers, developers, and policymakers who influence land development and want better results. This webinar is from the Land8 Virtual Conference sponsored by Anova Furnishings, recorded on April 20, 2020. VIEW ALL WEBINARS >

Kona Gray | Design Thinking – Utilizing Hand Graphics to Explore Ideas [Webinar]

Description: Drawing is a form of communication that builds community and bridges culture. The intent of the presentation is to initiate a dialogue regarding the importance of hand sketching to explore ideas. From the earliest days, humans have relied on illustrations, hieroglyphs and diagrams to communicate important aspects of life. The ability to draw is essential for non-verbally communication and it contributes to social understanding. However, drawing well does not always equate to good communication or even good design. So, how important is drawing in the process of design. Does drawing matter? In my opinion Drawing Really Matters. We will challenge what it means to be a designer and the attributes of a good designer in our context of illustrating ideas. To be clear, this is not abo...Read More

COVID-19 Op-Ed by Ernest Wong

This week will be a month since we closed our office and sent everyone home to work remotely. It’s given me time to reflect on the impact of this pandemic on all of our lives. Recalling prior events such as 9/11 and the 2008 recession that impacted how we viewed the world, this Coronavirus event will certainly be life-altering in ways we can’t even imagine. As resilient as we are as a society and a human race, we also are susceptible to pandemics, natural disasters and even our own ignorance. This incredibly dangerous event has me thinking about our future. As one of the high-risk individuals of being a baby boomer with a history of respiratory problems including a recent bout with pneumonia, I also have a dog that must be walked daily. I’ve been trying my hardest to abide by the social di...Read More

Managing Risk [Land8x8 Video]

The work of landscape architects work involves complex decisions and responsibilities — detailing and designing projects, observing construction, achieving owner satisfaction, and ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Landscape architects are subject to professional liability as a direct result of the higher expectations placed on us due to our specialized education and training. When a project doesn’t go according to plan, owners can file lawsuits against the design firm. Risk are inherent in the landscape architecture profession, but we rarely talk about it. During the Land8x8 Lightning Talks in Austin, TX, Marissa McKinney, Principal at Austin-based landscape architecture firm Coleman & Associates, discussed the many ways in which design professionals expose ...Read More

Learning the Language of Contemporary Planting Design

Many landscape architects resist planting design. It’s complex, time-consuming, and site-specific. Results are highly intertwined with implementation and maintenance. Planting is also exactly what your dad’s friends think you do – “Come over, tell me what to do with my yard. And why don’t you mow the lawn while you’re at it.” However, over the past 20 years, it’s become increasingly apparent that landscape architects can’t continue to rely on landscape contractors to “shrub up” their beautifully-rendered designs. Functioning and maintainable plantings are essential for projects to deliver the ecosystem benefits that landscape architects claim to value. High-profile projects like the High Line in New York demonstrate the power of good planting to capture the public imagination and con...Read More

Creating Better Places [Land8x8 Video]

The research is clear: Spending time outdoors, especially in green, natural settings, is good for our health. A growing body of research is demonstrating the positive measurable effects spending time in nature has on our well-being – from reducing mental distress, increasing physical activity, and extending our life span. In fact, spending time outside is so vital that doctors around the world have begun prescribing time in nature as a way of improving their patients’ health. Unfortunately, natural settings are not readily accessible to everyone, and the quality of our outdoor environments are not always conducive to human well-being. Understanding that how we shape our environment impacts our health, Stephen Cook, Principal at the Planning and Landscape Architecture firm Hitchcock Design ...Read More

AIDS Garden Chicago: A Garden Design That Will Heal and Inspire the Chicago Community

AIDS Garden Chicago, designed by Design Workshop, is a realization of a design idea, close to Alderman Tom Tunny’s heart, for a garden championed by him and a number of community organizations. The garden surrounds a 30-foot-tall sculpture designed by the late artist and activist, Keith Haring and donated to the Chicago Park District through the efforts of Ald. Tunny and support from the Chicago Parks Foundation. The sculpture, a self-portrait of Keith, was installed in November 2019. The AIDS Garden Chicago will be Chicago’s first public space to memorialize the early days of Chicago’s HIV epidemic, and to honor those who continue to fight against the disease today. Anticipated to be completed in 2020, the 2.5-acre garden is located along the magnificent shoreline of Lake Michigan just so...Read More

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