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The Inside Out Perspective: Using Mindfulness Based Techniques to Connect with Nature

Chimes in the distance sway to the wind and make rhythmic melodies. Ladies, dressed in white, greet me as I make my way over to the main meditation building. Their palms gently pressing against one another and their backs bent forward in unison to give a bow. In Buddhism, bowing to a person is a gesture to show respect – an act of welcoming. For the self, it is a mindful gesture – a physical expression to let go of the ego and connect to the present moment, showing reverence for the Buddha’s teachings. The combination of hearing the chimes and seeing the ladies relaxes my body. Time seems to dissipate and my daily life becomes a memory – foggy and afar. You wouldn’t assume that in an agricultural area within the Forest of Dean, an area predominantly made up of farmers and...Read More

Altering Human Habits [Land8x8 Video]

Spending time outside not only makes us feel healthier, it also impacts our long-term wellbeing. Studies have shown that people with high exposure to green spaces yield significant physical and mental health benefits. Yet, most of us do not prioritize outdoor activity in our daily lives. According to the EPA, the average American spends 93% of their time indoors, leaving very little time for outdoor activity each day. To promote human wellbeing, we need to alter our daily routine to accommodate outdoor activity. In her presentation at the Land8x8 Lightning Talks in Houston, TX, Cynthia Dehlavi, Senior Research and Design Associate at OJB Landscape Architecture, shared how landscape architects can use design to influence human habits and increase people’s daily exposure to green space. Duri...Read More

Stories of Space in Times of Quarantine

Europe’s Last Plague May 25, 1720. The Grand Saint-Antoine, a three-masted French merchant ship, sails into the port of Marseille on the southern coast of France. Its journey has been troubled: nine passengers have died since departing from Lebanon two months earlier. Following protocols designed to prevent disease outbreaks, Marseille’s health bureau orders the ship, its passengers, and its cargo of precious silks to be held in quarantine on a nearby island. In a notable breach of protocol, however, the bureau allows the early transfer of the cargo to the mainland—a fatal decision, made under pressure from silk merchants who want to bring the goods quickly to market. June 20, 1720. A woman dies abruptly in downtown Marseille, an area of narrow streets and dense housing. She is the first v...Read More

Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar Delivers Virtual Design Summit Keynote

Hundreds of design professionals were anticipating the 2020 Vectorworks Design Summit in San Diego this April when a certain virus changed our plans. As a nimble tech company, Vectorworks quickly moved the event online, where it is available to anyone on-demand, this year at no cost. Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar delivered the keynote address, and despite the subdued production compared to typically showy Vectorworks stagecraft, he covered a lot in a short time, including how the company is helping design professionals during the pandemic, exciting new software developments of interest to Vectorworks Landmark users, and where things are headed in the near future. To date, over 1,300 people have watched Dr. Sarkar’s online keynote, far more than would have been able to see it in the San...Read More

An Open Letter to Graduating Landscape Architecture Students

Dear graduating landscape architecture student, I am thinking of you all as you graduate—Congratulations and well done! You have spent a lot of time and money the last several years to get your degree. You have worked hard and are entering a noble and fulfilling profession, one that can provide a good life for you. I made a career change to become a landscape architect, and I have never looked back. I have traveled and lived in ways beyond my wildest dreams. I experience my world and those around me in a more enriching way than I ever could have imagined because of my training and work as a landscape architect. This is there for you too. You are also entering the workplace in an epic time of uncertainty from the COVID-19 pandemic. Now the really hard work begins. No doubt you are anxious a...Read More

Land8 Virtual Conference 2020 [Webinars]

The Land8 Virtual Conference sponsored by Anova Furnishings was held on April 20 – 23, 2020. View recordings here: Kona Gray (EDSA) – “Design Thinking – Utilizing Hand Graphics to Explore Ideas” | View > Barbara Deutsch (Landscape Architecture Foundation) – “Landscape Performance to Demonstrate Impact” | View > John Surico (Journalist and Urban Planning Researcher) – “Revitalizing Urban Parks After COVID-19” | View > Gina Ford (Agency Landscape + Planning) – “Cutting Against the Bias – A Talk About the Strategic Advantage of Gender and Design” | View > Kurt Culbertson (Design Workshop) – “Spatial Equity in the Time of Covid 19” | View > Catherine Saunders (TBG Partners...Read More

Sara Zewde | Recent Work [Webinar]

Description:  In the context of rapid urban development, a changing climate, and clarified social and political tensions, the narratives embedded in ecologies of memory offer creative departures for landscape architecture today. Sara Zewde will discuss the recent design work of Studio Zewde in this context. This webinar is from the Land8 Virtual Conference sponsored by Anova Furnishings, recorded on April 23, 2020. VIEW ALL WEBINARS >

Brian Jencek | Healthy Cities: City-Making at the Intersection of Landscape Architecture and Public Health [Webinar]

Description:  Great cities are defined by their great streets and open spaces. Yet the very existence of cities continues to be challenged by pandemics and climate change. Join this session to learn how landscape architecture is redefining cities through the lens of human health and resilience. This webinar is from the Land8 Virtual Conference sponsored by Anova Furnishings, recorded on April 23, 2020. VIEW ALL WEBINARS >

Designing High-Performing (Digital) Landscapes: Social Media’s Place in Landscape Architecture [Webinar]

Description:  Social media, when used correctly, is an invaluable tool to landscape architects. Social media plays a critical role in how landscape architects control the profession’s narrative in an architecture-focused media landscape. Learning Outcomes: Attendees will learn how important a social media presence is, why it matters, and how it contributes overall to educating people about the profession Attendees will learn about the various social media platforms available for use and how to create a sound strategy Attendees will understand available social media metrics, how and when to report, and how these insights prove an ROI to leadership and board members Attendees will learn tips for crowdsourcing content from employees across their firm so everyone feels represented and increasi...Read More

Kurt Culbertson | Spatial Equity in the Time of Covid 19 [Webinar]

Description:  The imperative for designers to create spaces of great social interaction that bring together diverse, multi-generational populations is now being questioned in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Yet out of this crisis and chaos can come lasting opportunities to rethink the nature of work, to redefine resiliency to address challenges of pandemics and other health crisis, and to examine the equitable design of public spaces which are flexible and adaptable to a new understanding of public health. The pandemic has been particularly devastating for seniors, low income communities, and people of color. In the face of our current challenges, we need to determine the place of landscape architects in crafting a safer, more equitable society. This webinar is from the Land8 Virtual ...Read More

Gina Ford | Cutting Against the Bias – a Talk About the Strategic Advantage of Gender and Design [Webinar]

Description:  The conversation about gender in design practice often leans in on the challenges – that women are not achieving at the same rate as their male colleagues and that their achievements are not seen or celebrated in the same way. Agency – as a practice model rooted in an optimistic philosophy of the same name – claims being women-led as a strategic advantage. This presentation will discuss gender as a creative driver in practice, a multi-faceted benefit in business, and a critical dimension of diversity in design. This webinar is from the Land8 Virtual Conference sponsored by Anova Furnishings, recorded on April 21, 2020. VIEW ALL WEBINARS >

John Surico | Revitalizing Urban Parks After COVID-19 [Webinar]

Description: With half of the world now living under lockdown, the ability to go outside and get some fresh air has never been so important, or so fiercely contested. As those who can afford to do so converge on green spaces, seeking exercise and solace amid the coronavirus pandemic, parks have become stages for collective joy, anxiety, and social-distancing infringement crackdowns. The multiplicity of benefits parks have always offered us — physical and mental health relief, community building, and free public open space in tight, increasingly privatized urban quarters — seem not only like an added bonus right now, but rather, a critical lifeline for cities and their residents. This webinar is from the Land8 Virtual Conference sponsored by Anova Furnishings, recorded on April 21, 2020. VI...Read More

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