Filmtastic Fridays: Bike to Work Day – A Growing Movement

Filmtastic Fridays: Bike to Work Day – A Growing Movement

Happy National Bike to Work Day! Were you one of the hundreds of thousands of commuters who traded in four wheels for two this morning? If so, have a virtual high-five. For those unfamiliar, Bike to Work Day is an annual U.S. event that was launched in 1956 to promote cycling as a fun and healthy alternative to driving. Grassroots organizers, governments, and volunteers all band together to offer free tips, tune ups, and even breakfast goodies to participants along the commute. Thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of cyclists across the nation, Bike to Work Day has grown in size and momentum every year. So let us know–how was your ride in this morning?

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From the description:

Sometimes, the greatest way to make an environmental impact is through individual action. Bike to Work Day is an annual, national day of local action where individual bikers make the decision to ride their bike to work. As they meet up with other bikers, their numbers grow to visually demonstrate a growing popular movement. In Washington, DC, the government is responding with programs to accommodate and encourage more bicyclists.”

Bike to Work Day – A Growing Movement from Brandon Bloch on Vimeo.

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