Filmtastic Fridays: Solar-Powered Water Wheel Cleans Up Baltimore’s Harbor Trash

Cities all around the world struggle with trash-clogged waterways, but Baltimore, MD may be the first to combat the issue in style with a massive solar-powered Water Wheel. Anchored at the point where the Jones Falls watershed empties out to the Inner Harbor, this sustainable trash collector can remove a staggering 50,000 pounds of trash in a single day. The Water Wheel, which is powered by 30 solar panels and the water current, was created as part of the Healthy Harbor Initiative to make Baltimore City’s waters swimmable by 2020.

From the description:

“Stormwater runoff carries trash and debris from the County and City and deposits it in the Harbor. The Solar Powered Water Wheel Trash Interceptor includes a floating dumpster and a trash-loading conveyor system powered by water current and solar power. A floating trash boom funnels trash to the front of the conveyor for pickup.”

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