Filmtastic Fridays: Waterplein Benthenplein

Filmtastic Fridays: Waterplein Benthenplein

Water is everywhere this week! Inspired by Eliza Pennypacker’s PSU Artful Rainwater Design post, this week’s Filmtastic Friday continues the spotlight on stormwater management with a feature on Waterplein Benthenplein, the world’s first water square. Completed this year in Rotterdam by urban research and design firm DE URBANISTEN, the water square doubles as a recreational center and an educational showcase for stormwater management.


From the description:

On the Benthemsquarein Rotterdam the worlds first water square will be realised, an attractive city plaza that offers space for water, sports and greenery. The water square combines water storage with the improvement of the quality of urban public space. The watersquare makes money invested in water storage facilities visible and enjoyable and generates opportunities to create environmental quality and identity to central spaces in neighborhoods.”


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  1. What is the difference between a ‘Watersquare’ and a park. Most of our parks here in Fort Wayne are designed to flood as they are in the flood plain. Perhaps this is the first park to be called a “Watersquare”? 

  2. Isn’t the largest water mirror in the world what makes La Place de la Bourse de Bordeaux a square ? 

    Claim is misleading.

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