HDR and Digital Blending Courses

HDR and Digital Blending Courses

Are you ready to take your post-processing skills to incredible new heights and create images that make your audience say ‘wow’? Photography is a big deal in the profession of landscape architecture, not only is it vital for site analysis but it helps sell projects to prospective new clients, showing them just how professional you can be with your photography and showing your work in the most impressive way imaginable. Maximizing your photography skills will always be of benefit to both the emerging and professional landscape architect. Top photographer Jimmy Mcintyre from Through Strange Lenses has teamed up with Landscape Architects Network to offer online courses at a discounted rate for all LAN readers of 15% with the code: landarchs Offer expires in 72 Hours

HDR and Digital Blending Masterclass Courses

Learn to display your work like a pro

What people are saying about the course:

Quote from Blake Rudis: “Jimmy’s Advanced course will take your cookie dough post processing and carve it into wood with utmost craftsmanship” Quote from Chris Newham: “I am taking this course the videos are clear and demonstrate everything, all the files are provided for you to follow along and you can compare your result with Jimmy’s. I’m very pleased, I think you will be too.”

What the HDR and Digital Blending courses include:

The Art of HDR beginners course: This is possibly the most comprehensive set of beginner to advanced post-processing tutorials in the world. Thousands of photographers and visual artists have transformed their imagery using these techiques! Comprised of 3 separate courses, the beginners course -The Art of HDR – will show you how to make compelling and realistic HDR images through studying 10 full workflows! The Art of Digital Blending: This course takes you beyond HDR into digital blending in Photoshop, the most powerful method for creating images that contain the fullest dynamic range of light possible. Teaching a 100% non-destructive workflow, this course will sharpen your skills in Photoshop and bring your imagery to a professional standard. The Art of Cityscape Photography: This course takes your Photoshop skills to newer levels, and teaches two new digital blending techniques that will transform your urban and cityscape photography forever! Click here to get your chosen HDR and Digital Blending courses. For your 15% discount use the code: landarchs Offer expires in 72 Hours

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