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    Matthew Stubbs

    Does anyone know of a good selection of 3-d plant material for sketchup other than the 3-d warehouse? I would prefer it to be free but something that you have to pay for works as well.


    Hi! I was wondering the same thing. Does anyone have any resources they’d like to share? Thanks!! 🙂

    Wyatt Thompson, PLA

    There was a discussion about this in the Sketchup group a while back.

    John Pacyga

    Here is a list of trees I think are the best from the 3D warehouse. If you have already downloaded these, please forgive me.
    Depending on what you are doing, 2D trees/shrubs are good alternatives. Some 2D picture “face me” plants can look just as good or better than a 3D low-poly plant in 3rd party rendering programs. They also keep the model small and easier to manipulate.

    There are some free models on the XFrog site, but they are HUGE and need to be edited for SketchUp use. (Download the .3ds files and use Fixtreed ruby on them.)

    Form Fonts has an “exchange” part of their website, but I don’t know if it restricts the use of the components or if there are plants of any value. I’ve heard good things about their plants that you buy (low-poly but good quality).

    Jon Quackenbush

    thanks, that line led me to a few I hadn’t yet found…

    Craig de Necker

    Check out Sketch3D from DynaSCAPE – https://sketch3d.dynascape.com/ great resource for SketchUp plants as well as other garden goodies.

    Steven Bauer

    Try Dynascape Sketch 3D.  They have a good collection of a variety of plants and furniture etc..

    Blair LeJeune

    Land F/X also has great plants, trees, etc. for your scene.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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