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    Matt Vaughan

    Today, I wrote this poem inspired by Landscape Architecture. Hope you enjoy it.

    Landscape — By Matt Vaughan
    A series of scenes depict my thoughts.
    The essence of life, people, and spots.
    They change, they stand, they walk around,
    They fill my ears with a special sound.
    Concrete, stone, wood and metal,
    Grass, trees and some flower petals,
    Sun, sand, water and vines,
    Mountains, sunset and stately pines.
    What is this now upon my trace?
    This new, bold, and exciting place.
    A reflection of myself and those a part,
    In a grand adventure beginning to start. 
    With shapes and people in the light.
    Forms with function and beauty’s sight
    The plan, the dream, the answer, the story,
    Fall to the paper in unfolding glory
    When is this place? Here and now?
    Or historic visions that have showed us how
    To build, to believe in a beautiful place,
    And trust each other, the human race.
    The landscapes of mankind.
    The symbols of us all.
    The landscapes of nature.
    Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall.
    Andrew Spiering

    So glad that you shared this!  Thanks!


    Nice poem, I enjoyed reading it. There is no limitation to creativity and innovation of an architect in the field of landscape architecture, and they have the ability to create an all-new world, which can look absolutely real, and inspire people even to write poems!

    Luke Mancuso

    i liked this

    Kevin Laracy

    This was a very moving and beautiful poem.  It moved me to tears.

    Thank you. 

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