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    I have a technical question. I have referred to Time Save standards and I still can’t determine an appropriate turning radius for a carport. This is my first project since graduating and I hoping someone can point me in a direction.

    My friend’s HOA has 90 degree parking stall for 8 cars on the south side of the building. I would like to propose extending the current 2′ wide planting bed on the north side of the parking area for a vegetable garden. I haven’t been able to determine how much the planting bed can be extended because I am unsure of the minimum width for the parking aisle. It seems it can be either 25′ or 28′ but I am not certain. Can someone please point me in a direction.

    I would be grateful.
    Thank you.



    Hi Andrew,

    Thank you. That makes sense. I will check with the City of Santa Monica and see what their standards are exactly.


    Bob Luther

    Andrew is exactly right, this is more of a legal/permit question rather than a design question, every city has its own set of laws and regulations which dictate sizes and dimensions of parking spaces and turnarounds, I would check with the planning department and see if you can find someone in the planning department to walk you through the city standards and then see if there is any restrictions or variances for you particular site. Most city planning departments have people willing to help if you ask nicely, and with the downturn in the building markets they might have more time to help with your questions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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